Stiletto's & Sneakers...

Since I was working on heels all day during the time I was in the UK, I wear them all the time back in Holland as well. To make my feet rest, I always wear one of my pairs of Ugg boots or flats, but today, when I was in a sneaker store with my stepbrother, I thought it was time for something new! He wears Vans all the time, so I was trying a pair on for fun and was sold at that minute!

Nice to wear on a typical Sunday with a ripped jeans, white T, navy blazer and a big scarf.

What do you think?!



H&M Conscious Collection

From the 15th of April, we can step into H&M stores to get these bright looking items from the Conscious collection.

These soft 'summery' colours are perfict for a summer day. The items give a bit of a Greek feeling, everything is white, powdery pink or light pastel yellow, and will most likely look best when you've got a bit of a tan, as always! The collection has a lot of drapy dresses, shorts and jackets. I think H&M did a good job with this collection, nice summer colours all to combine with each other!

What do you think?

Xoxo Little C



When I was in London last week, I was hunting for a nice playsuit, but could not find one. I had a lot of time left today, so I went into Luton.

Topshop became my favourite shop in Luton, so as always, I took a look.

I was very surprised when I saw this lightbrown/black playsuit. At first, I did not know if I liked it. But when I tried it on I fell in love with it. The playsuit has great lines and colours and a flattering decolleté with kind ruches. It makes me look a lot taller than I am and suits me.

Nice to wear in summer with nice flats or pretty sandals, for a party with nice heels/the new anckle boots and during the winter with my new anckle boots and a nice blazer or cardigan.

What do you think?