Todays 'shopping' result


I never like sale that much, it's very messy and busy and you can't find anything. Today I went to Luton to see what's going on in stores, and indeed, very, very busy. All shoes were sold out in my size, and, very messy and busy.

Than, I saw a very pretty cardigan, the perfect colour and full of pearls and sparkles. It was the only thing that really 'jumped out' and I'm very, very, very with it!
Also bought a few presents for my brother's birthday!

H&M Spring Collection.

Finally, something new in the H&M online shop!
As you can see from this selection of pictures, it's a lot of old-pink, old-blue and taupe. Safe, but classic colours.

I have to say, I'm not very surprised, but I also have to say, there are some items I would like to fill my closet with. As the three, exactly the same blouses, but in three different colours, and some of the dresses and shoes. Guess I can't leave them in store for the always low H&M prizes!




Well, I love dresses. I've got a load and when I see a nice one I almost always buy it. But I'm really upset that I dont know when to wear them. I know that I can wear them with Christmas and Newyears, but when else do I wear them? I mostly try to dress up when we go out for dinner. Maybe I should throw a few parties this summer, maybe a cocktail night!?

Who wants to come?!




I was working today and in my break I wanted to check if I got any postcards or Christmas cards..and than, I got a very beautifull 'Pip Studio for TNT' box, as you can see on the picture!

I was trying to keep myself from opening it but my collegues wanted to know what was in there as well, so we opened it anyway, it was from my mom, brother and my mothers best friends! I tought maybe a letter and a little present, but it was loaded with little gifts!
A few were wrapped in see-trough paper and two other ones were wrapped with normal paper so I left those wrapped, so I can open them tomorrow in the evening, when it's really Christmas!

The things I got(which I unwrapped);
- Hünkemoller socks
- 2 very pretty angels
- Jingle bells with a 'Merry Christmas' sign
- 'Bijenkorf' giftcard
- Sweet snowman lollypop

I'll show you what else I got tomorrow!

Many thanks to Mum, Robbert, Gera and Joke!



Christmas shopping in Luton

Tim and I wanted to go to London today, but yesterday we saw that the underground from St. Pancras to London was not operating. So we decided to stay in our 'home-town' Luton for the Christmas shopping.

I got myself a few nice things!

-The navy Topshop headband
-2 pairs of over the knee socks, navy and grey
-Sex and the City 2 book

I'm opening the pink paper wrapped gift(s) tomorrow so I'll show you what's inside than!


Happy days!

The week I was back in Holland, we had the, very dutch, Sinterklaas celebration. We did it at my mums with my nephews, aunt, uncle and grandma and grandpa.

I got some pretty things!

- Since I'm a fan of Marco Borsato for the moment I heard his voice, my brother got me his brand new, signed CD
- I was in town centre with mom and saw the Hunkemöller above, that I instantly loved. She got me this one
- I've already got Love Letters of great men, and my lovely nephew got me Love Letters of great woman

Other little things I got were;
- a few lipglosses
- glitter eyeliners
- a scratchbook
- good pencils


Family fun..

Me, mom, Robbert in London

Me and the brothers at home.

Me and the brothers - Ibiza 2009

I've got two houses, in one I'm in a family of three people, my mom, my brother Robbert and me.
When I'm at my mom's, we're going out for lunch almost everyday, do some great cooking, baking and watch tv in front of the fireplace. We like to watch movies and just have cosy nights. We're with 3 at home, but there are mostly more people joining us for dinner, my aunt with the children cause my uncle is travelling all over the world for work, same as my mothers friend Gera and her kids. Food is such a big thing in my life, just because it's connecting and you've got time to talk about everything that's going on in life and hear what others do! When my mum is working, me and my brother are happy to eat where she's managing!

In the other house we're with six, my dad, my stepmom Jolanda, my stepbrothers Tom and Mike and my brother Robbert.

We're living with six since April last year, and because it's a bit of a men's house, we're still designing my bedroom and the new bathroom so everyone has it's own. The best days of the week at my dad's are Sat- and Sunday, I mostly go out for a lunch with my stepbrother Mike and do some shopping afterwards. After my stepmom returns from her grosery shopping we mostly crush the couch with some Ben&Jerry's. Sundays we mostly watch the Sundaynight TV-shows with a large platter of Old Amsterdam, salmon, filet american,(home made) cocktail and garlic sauce, fresh baguettes, and thin slices of Italian sausage. We're always sitting there with 6-10 people and having a good time with wine and those little snacks above!

Those are just little family thing's I'm missing while I'm in UK. Good thing that the shopping is MUCH better out here!

Christmas Wishlist.

- Benefit Cosmetics
- Topshop headband(in dark blue)
- Over the knee socks
- Noosa 'chunks'

Looking for some sport..

Since I've been in the UK, I'm thinking of something usefull kind of thing to do when I'm back in The Netherlands. Because I was playin' soccer(nobody believes me when I tell that), or actually, most of the time I was in the goal waiting for some action to come.
Since April last year I'm doing nothing really. I don't like the gym that much because there are a lot of people I know and than I would probably be only talking to people instead of working out.

So, I was thinking of hockey, but I did some research, and found out that I would not be in the team I would like to be in. Maybe I can ask for a cheat of age so I can be in the team I want to be in.

I'm looking for suggestions really, cause I've got NO idea what kind of sport would suit me..



H&M Loves Lanvin..I don't

I was very exited about the H&M Loves Lanvin collection. Thrilled, that's the word. I tought; yes! this will be a good collection, I mean, what could go wrong? French, quality, designer and a little touch of H&M. I was só curious about the collection and expected a lot. But when it was shown on the 2nd of November, I was véry dissapointed. The collection is not wear-able on a daily base. It's just not, who's going to wear a 150 euro, one shoulder, puffy dress to work or at home? And which person is buying a cupcake-petticoat looking that costs 200 euro's? Out of more than 40 pieces, there's only one thing I would buy from the collection. It's not just the dresses, but the prices should be low. That's one thing H&M promised the costumers, but there's only one dress that costs less than 149 euro's. How crazy is that.
It's not original at all. River Island, Sustilo and Topshop sell the same things as a Lanvin designed collection for a price that's way better. The only thing i actually like, is the tshirt with the skirt and legs and the paper bags they put the articles in. Really. Whát a disaster. I love shoes, but I guess even Primark does better than these plastic looking objects.
Lanvin could do much better. There campain was about; a guy that doesn't know how to please his girl'. I wish they would know how to please costumers.


Pretty lonely

Everybody probably knows the feeling of coming home after a day of school, a vacation or long day of work. The moment you step in the door you feel safe, warm and confident. And I miss that feeling a lot.
You normally step in the door, put your jacket or coat somewhere and grab yourself a drink and snack and do whatever you want and see when someone is coming home.

Now, I walk up to my room where no one is waiting and I know no one will come in at any time. Put my jacket on something because there's no hanger, take my working clothes off, put something else on and, as always, I sit around my desk in front of my laptop. There I am. Sitting in front of my desk, every single evening. I love the days that I'm off and walk around the city by myself. Sometimes I read a book. But on Fridays and Saturdays it's pretty lonely when the boys are working, everyone in Holland is party'ing and seeing other people, it's the worse. Than I'm feeling alone sometimes and write things like this down.


Red, the colour of my soul

Tears don't move you, they are a pathetic sign of weakness. You are a natural born leader, and power is your ultimate goal. You are headstrong, and your natural aggression and straight forward demeanor helps you reach your goals. You need to be respected more than loved. You have to be right, look smart, and have others approval. Whites will avoid you. Blue souls either annoy you, or become strong allies. Yellow souls will bring you attention. Other red souls may become your rivals.


Wishlist of life

This is a list of things I really want to do or have in my life. It's just wishes

Get myself gifts from Tiffany&Co(now I just buy myself a nice pair of shoes or a bag at the and of a few busy weeks)
Buy a flat in London city
Have my own, succesfull, restaurant

The list continues..

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Bag

Thé bag.

I could just leave it with that, but I'm not. This is a bag I've like wanted for 2 years, never even tought about what it would cost me. Just tought it would be very very expensive.. you should have seen my face when I saw the price. My mounth fell open to like, the ground. It is so much more cheaper than I thought!

Not that €480,- is really cheap, but I expected that it was at least €1000,-.
Now, I'm a really happy kid. :) When I leave this island called the United Kingdom, I'm gonna buy it. Ohhhhh yes, I will. I will love it for the rest of my life, give it to my daughter(if I'll ever have a child.)and she can go shine with it and give it to hers. Can't wait to walk in that LV store and just BUY the thing wich is probably gonna be in like, April ore May of next year, when I'm in Amsterdam with my stepmum..but..I'm gonna buy it, yay, yay, yay. I could write about the bag for like, 2 hours more, but I'm not gonna bother the two people that see this blog with that.



I might not wear my watch the next 4 months, but I'm in love with them.
The only problem is that I only have 2 watches. My one that I got when I gratuated and the one that I got with Christmas last year.

The first is a Guess one, silver with diamonds and the other is brown with sort of a light greany colour.

Problem: they don't match most outfits, and they also don't spice up outfits. I want it to be possible to have a watch with every outfit and for every occation.

On my wishlist are the watches above!
The Marc by Marc Jacobs is going to be mine around Christmas, when I have to buy myself a present. Also a symbol of my half year in the UK.
Harrods sells it so I need to buy it over there in about a 7 weeks!



Coffee table books

There are things in life you need. But there are also the things in life you wánt. Just to have it and take them with you all your life. Things as books. As a child, I was always fascinated by the books of my aunt and uncle in Arnhem(B&M). They had all these open closets full of books. And in all of the books was the date when they bought them, with who, where, why, and if they got it as a gift, they wrote down who's gift it was and when they gave it to them.
My love for books started only 2 years ago, when a friend of mine started to work at a bookstore. She knew what I liked and sold me all these books I still have to read, but some, just because I wanted to have them.

That's how we get to the coffee table. Books you just want to have because you want to have them.
And I've got a little list of them. Books I want to have for fun, because it's pretty or because its fashion.

My list of books I really want to have:
- Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
- Model As Muse by Harold Koda
- The Fashion Book by Phadion Editors
- Coco Chanel by Justine Picardie
- What shall I wear today - Fifi Lapin

All English written books I just NEED to have and definatly gonna buy once. www.bol.com sells all of these books and I could just get them all in one order, but I want to treat myself sometimes, and than..I will order one of these books..

Day 8: Three words you can’t go a day without using

1. Hi
2. Howrya
3. Bye

1. Hi
2. Eten
3. T


Day 7: Four memories you won’t forget.

1. Hugging my brother again after six weeks no see
2. Meeting C. for the first time
3. Playing dolls with Daphne
4. Mom and dad telling us thad dad 'is gonna live somewhere else for a while'


H&M Loves Lanvin

It's only 2 weeks and 5 days 'till we can see what they putted together. Sooooo curious.

Day 5: Six songs that you’re addicted to

1. Ilse DeLange - Next to me
2. Olly Murs - Please don't let me go
3. Krezips karaoke songs
4. Marco Borsato - Dochters
5. The Piano - Yann Tiersen


Love This

Day 4: Seven fears/phobias

1. Dark
2. Walking/biking home when there's no street lights
3. People that follow you
4. Fire
5. Spiders, snakes and frogs.
6. Losing my taste/sight
7. Needles


Day 3: Eight things that annoy you.

1. Being alone
2. My (step)brothers won't ever do what I say
3. Feel like eating some chocolate and not having it.
4. Not having good foot in England
5. That I can't wear nailpolish or heels at work
6. Oversleeping
7. People who don't listen
8. People who talk loud when I can't use it


Great. NOT

Since 3 hours, I have a neighbour, and first, I didn't have one. And now I'm stressing out. Why? Becouse I won't have the shower and toilet for myself anymore and thats a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE thing. Can you imagine? Someone you do not know, showering in the same shower as you, sitting on the same toilet as you and brushing their teeth in the same sink as you.


Day 2: Nine things you do everyday.

1. Eat
2. Wear (mostly nice) clothes
3. Sleep
4. Tweet
5. Shower
6. Love
7. Text
8. Smile
9. iPhone


Day 1: Ten random facts about yourself.

1. I just love to have good food, like lobster, scallops and other like that
2. I'm one of the guys
3. Like dinnerparty's and going out for dinner
4. Love to shop
5. Living in England at the moment
6. I like shopping
7. Love Ladurée and Starbucks
8. LOVE high heels
9. Sister of my lovely brother Robbert
10. Like to lay in bed all day when possible

It's on.

10 Day Challenge.

Day 1: Ten random facts about yourself.

Day 2: Nine things you do everyday.

Day 3: Eight things that annoy you.

Day 4: Seven fears/phobias.

Day 5: Six songs that you’re addicted to.

Day 6: Five things you can’t live without.

Day 7: Four memories you won’t forget.

Day 8: Three words you can’t go a day without using.

Day 9: Two things you wish you could do.

Day 10: One person you can trust



Finally! Next saturday I will meat my sweet love again. 3'rd time now and still don't know which is the best. Ladurée, I will meet you again, lover.



2 jassen, 2 sjaals, rokje, shirt. van de jassen zijn foto's en de andere dingen zet ik nog wel op internet.


Wishlist: River Island

In het winkelcentrum van Luton zit tot mijn grote verbazing een River Island, hoewel die in Nederland alleen in Amsterdam bestaat zijn er hier HEEL VEEL. Anyhow, deze ge-wel-di-ge tas die slechts 40 pond hoeft op te leveren MOET ik hebben, het is een lekker grote tas en echt winter, past goed bij mijn wanten, is lekker zacht en zo zo zo zo zo mooi vind ik persoonlijk. Ik ga serieus een jas uitkiezen die bij m'n tas past, no matter what, ik moet hem hebben. (ohja, die jas uitzoeken word ook niet zo'n probleem, gewoon een zwarte, kan altijd, haha. Ja, leuk.) Natuurlijk had ik deze tas al op het oog vóór ik vertrok naar regenland, maargoed, dat weet niemand!

Golfen e.d.

Voor de liefhebbers, mijn geniale stippenjas. How cool is it?!
Eergister hebben we op ons vrije middagje wat balletjes geslagen. Ik was ineens dik slecht, die bal kwam nog geen 10 meter en de helft van de tijd sloeg ik over de bal heen. Gister nog even wat geslagen en toen was ik opeens wel weer goed, 11 meter! Nee grapje (HAHA). Denk zo rond de 70/100!
Anyhow, ik heb nog even de tijd om te oefenen!


Engeland: muziek!

Ze hebben hier geen TMF of MTV, maar THE Hits, en daar zie ook allemaal hele leuke nummers en groepen en zangers die Nederland niet kent, zoals:
The Saturdays:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_-UiAwEgbQ&p=E154D8D8419E99BC&playnext=1&index=1
The Wanted:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCrfFKAqEPw
Olly Mors(winnaar xfactor UK):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4S9gQb9PjM


It's the no sleep thing.

Sinds ik hier in Luton ben slaap ik eigenlijk altijd laat. Zoals nu, 't is half 4 en ik ben nog steeds niet echt moe ofzo. Misschien doe ik niet genoeg, thuis fiets ik altijd nog wel ff snel ergens heen, zie ik veel meer mensen, steek ik energie in dingen doen met andere mensen e.d. als ik een vrije dag heb. Hier slaap ik tot 12.30, ga ik computeren, als ik iets nodig heb even de stad in en anders blijf ik gewoon 'thuis'. De komende 3 dagen moet ik gelukkig werken dus dan ben ik hopelijk afgepeigerd en kan ik lekker slapen. Ik kijk het laatste kwartiertje van bij ons in de PC nog even af en dan ga ik naar bed, aangezien ik om 08.30 even een kwartiertje uit bed moet, daarna ga ik fijn weer terug en om 13.30 aan het werk.



After a day

I arrived on a empty room with only a few things, a bed, closet, wardrobe and desk. Now I got myself a hot water boiler so I can drink tea in the morning and make myself some soup:)

Just a few pictures of the room as it is now.