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Isabella, from Chic Fashionfreak is back in Holland for a few days to celebrate her Birthday, so we went out
for lunch on Saturday! Her boyfriend Bob came along and talked with us about fashion and blogs, so nice!

Happy Birthday to you Chic Fashionfreak! Such a shame I didn't bring my camera to her b'day celebration yesterday, cause it was great!

Now, my food diary is pretty much gone since my phone is gone, so this is a short preview of what's coming!

My lunch at Revolutie
Isabella and Bob
photos by me with Kodak EasyShare


New in: Dresses

So, my mom and I were shopping online last week and I saw these two dresses and clicked them into my wardrobe. They arrived yesterday, and here are some sneek peeks for you!

photos by me with Kodak EasyShare

H&M dresses


Thursday Movie #1.

From now on, I'll post a YouTube movie every thursday. It can be about food, people, fashion, music...well, everything! I spotted this great movie with Rafael Nadal for Armani.

What do you think?


H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection


H&M Divided introduces The Dragon Tattoo Collection. It's a dark coloured collection based on the movie The girl with the dragon tattoo and especially on the leading actress. Unfortunatly, there are no clear pictures of the pieces online yet, but I'll keep you posted!

In stores from 14th of december.


Versace & H&M

It wil probably be the most succesfull collaboration with H&M. Versace. Who doesn't love?!

My wishlist isn't that long tough. Very short actually, as it's just this AMAZING pink studded dress. And €179 I can't leave a Versace dress in store. Right?!

What are your favorites?!


New in: BEAUTY.

When my dad came home from a short trip to Spain, he brought me a new fragrance! It's 'CK IN2U' by Calvin Klein. I love the simple but chic bottle with the big CK initials, which are my initials as well.

Coco is back in! I have used the same Chanel foundation over the last 3 years. When my bottle was almost empty last week, I decided to get a new one. Guess what?! Out of selection. Ofcourse, I wasn't very happy with this, but after a lot of help from the lady in store, I found a new one which is staying in selection for a few years.
The lady at the Chanel corner knows my face now, and she always gives me some samples to try out new products. This time I got skin care. I hope it will help 'cause my face is a mess with the Dutch weather hanging around!


photos by me with Kodak EasyShare

Fragrance:    CK IN2U
Foundation:  CHANEL
Serums:        CHANEL


Phone issues

This weekend when I was in Eindhoven, I lost my HTC. This was probably around 22.00 in the evening and I saw it at 03.00. I would have posted a food diary if I still had it, such a shame.

Well, I do have another phone. It will probably work tomorrow, so let's hope I eat a lot so I can post a lot!

I'll be carrying this very lightweight Blackberry Curve around the coming time!



New Freddie's

photos by me with Kodak EasyShare

Remember the catwalktraining and fashionshow at De Duif?
These are the boots I fell in love with the minute I saw them. A little different, but oh so pretty!
What do you think?

Shoes by Fred de la Betonnerie


Eye candy!

photo by me with HTC

A quick post for you! I like magazines a LOT, they give me loads of inspiration and make me try a lot more. I got myself an ELLE UK and a 'l OFFICIEL NL and I will travel to Bijenkorf Utrecht or Amsterdam soon to get some Vogues and other magazines. I'll keep you posted!



Food Diary

photos made by me with HTC

1. It was a cold, dark night, so I decided to get myself some 'pepernoten'(like gingerbread)
2. The opening of the new part of bar/restaurant/lounge/club Revolutie, the 'Arab Lounge', and that was celebrated with some Cointreaupolitans!
3. Mom her birthday!
4. A nice soup for lunch to celebrate the theory part of my drivers license at De Bank
5. Great food at my mothers birthday again.
6. Poffertjes, something I haven't been eating for a long time, they're like little pancakes, i like!


Hotspot! 'Tuintje Thee Enzo'

Tuesday afternoon, when the sun was shining, my mom took me to a place in town I had not seen before! It is 'Tuintje Thee Enzo'. The tea garden made by our former neighbour. It's a great place in spring and summer, but also in fall and winter. The garden has different teas, cold drinks, coffees, cookies and soups, all self service and is based in a great atmosphere.

photos taken by me with HTC

You can sit inside when it's warm enough for you, or inside when you feel like it! There's a great heater and some areas to sit and read or take a look at everything out there. Some pictures for you, I hád to take some!


New in

Last tuesday, I passed the first part of my drivers license: the theory exam, and since H&M was in town, I bought myself a present, this very nice hat!
photo made by me with Kodak EasyShare  
Bought at H&M.


Shoe dilemma

I'll write a post soon about why I'll buy some things this coming time. Anyhow, just to have your opinion, which I do need...WHICH PAIR?

My black MANGO heels from last year are completely destroyed after I wore them a year, and everything in my closet is pretty much combinatable(is this a word?) or ís black, I need(well, need is a big word) some new black ones. 

The top ones are from ZARA. I love the special heel and the complete design of the shoe. With a 12,5 cm. heel they will make me 1,72 and I guess thats enough for a party!

Bottoms are Topshops. Another love, it glitters, that, in combination with a 13,5 cm. heel does make them more unwearable(see last question), but more pretty too. 

ZARA                           Topshop
Wearable                   Less than ZARA
Heel is perfect           Glitter
Hight is good            'Sit-heels'
€49,90                        €71,-(excl. delivery costs)

What would you do?

Beauty news

As probably a lot af woman, I'm a huge fan of Chanel. Not only clothes, but also the make-up. I came in touch with Chanel when I was 16. At the perfume section of a beauty store, walking around, looking at all the nice smelling and looking products, when a woman came to me: 'Hi! Can I do your make up?'. And who says no to Chanel thán?!

She showed me some product and eversince I'm in love. *kgrrrrrrk* Wake up. My blusher was empty, so I decided to go for a new one, and this is it! The blush duo effect tweed - 30 tweed rose. It's not just a buy, I used the last blusher for 2 years so let's hope this one lasts that long!

photo by me with Kodak EasyShare

How do you like it?!



Time for..

photos made by me with HTC
Since the weather is a bít less than last week, there was more spare time for me!

1. Actually át work. I needed some girlpower
2. First time I tried the sushibar that opened 2 months ago, lovely!
3. Late lunch with my friend Daphne at Bon Appetit
4. Lunch at Gusto
5. Turkish delight straight from Istanbul!
6. It was my stepbrothers birthday so I treated him with iced coffee and cake!

How was your week in food?


Catwalktraining & fashionshow.

A few weeks ago, Daphne and I went to a fashionshow. De Duif presented their F/W collection. At the show(which I couldn't make photos of), they announced the catwalktraining. Without me knowing, Daphne signed us up and I'm véry thankfull she did. It was a great night! There was a hairstylist, make up artist and some fashionstylists to make us beautifull and dressed up. Everybody inveted some guests and after some catwalk training we were ready to go...

 Daphne and make up artist Lisa
Manon showed her amazing hair done by Salon Tine

Daphne in her outfit

Pretty right?

 Me in my outfit, after hair and make up

Ready to go...
After the show!

Photoso made by me(and mom)

All accessoires, clothing and shoes available at De Duif
All hair styling done by Salon Tine


The Wedding

 Me and Karin

 Me and little Lando, amazing kid!
My BFF Daphne, (her boyfriend) Guus, Me, Noel and Bart

Photos made by Darlene Dreeyers, studend photoraphy.


Sylvia's Secrets

Well, to be honest, I didn't follow Sylvia Geerssen, one of the most talked-about model in Holland, that much last year, I knew she was in rehab, but I didn't knew she was designing a great shoe collection in collaboration with Shick*. This is actually the second time she's working for them, after a break up lasting a year, she's back! And after the break up there was the great make up collaboration!

The collection is actually love at first sight, anyway, for me it is. Lovely colours that will probably spice up my shoe collection any moment between now and a month. 

So, here it is! I'm loving the boots, but I'm not sure about the pumps yet, I would like to know the heel height. For the boots, it doesn't matter. Height is good, great shape, nice to walk on during the day, a night out or to wear with a great dress to a party. 

Since my party season is starting pretty much from now, with loads of celebrations, dinners, nights out and 'daytrips', I think I'll order both pairs of the boots(which are also available in Cognac) and I'll check the stores for the pumps. 
Wouldn't leave it for the price, the booties are only €49,99 and pumps €39,99

What is your opinion about the collection? 
For more click HERE 




Since I'm madly in love with Le Vernis De Chanel(and everything Chanel) I lost it even more during this great video! How original! Just wanted to share...

Lots of love!


It's been busy!

So, after a very busy two week I'm trying to post a lot more than the past week(s). A food diary to start with...

1. Dinner at work, we didn't have a lot to do so the chef made us a loooovely risotto dinner
2. Mojito razz at Revolutie. This late summer is soooo good!
3. Quick breakfast on the go
4. All my nieces, my brother and stepbrother were together, so what do we do? Order two bags full of McDonalds
5. After a unexpected sleepover...
6. Fresh orange juice at my aunts backyard