After a very busy weekend, I had a quiet day today and figured I didn't bake anything for a while, so with a little help from Dr. Oetker I made these cupcakes. Like them?


Versace & H&M

Last week I ordered these earrings and a bikini, thinking I'd like the bikini more..but it's the other way around! These earrings have SUCH a vintage look and I'm in LOVE with them.

What do you think? Did you order something?




FINALLY Karl Lagerfeld released his more affordable line, exclusively for sale at NET-A-PORTER and what can I say, I'M IN LOVE. The collection is very, very, very pretty and more. It looks more than professional, it's completely up to date(otherwise we were behind, right?!) and wearable as well.. let's see!

Sequined pants €250,-

Isn't this the most 'Karlish' thing EVER?! The signature gloves are €49,- 
There are some more collars, white, metallic silver and so on.. but I'm in love with this sequined ones! €130,-

I'll probably buy the gloves, and maybe a t-shirt, but the big question is.. DO YOU LIKE?!



Breakfast at..

Bocholt, a town in Germany we visit a lot because it's only 20 minutes away from home! We mostly are there at 10 in the morning to have breakfast, do a little bit of shopping(when there's time) and go back home..

This was my outfit today!

ONLY parka
TOPSHOP sweater
ZARA coated jeans
? boots
? bag
H&M hat

And at the and of the day, the amazing two finger ring came in the outfit for a little colour and kitsch, bought it at H&M! Like?!

Lots of love!



Ladies(and gentlemen), I've got some BAD news. My lovely laptop has broken down..
It just gives no reaction to anything, yesterday, it did work but not really good, so I just watched some
movies on it. Tomorrow I'll take it to the computer doctor to reanimate it and hopefully I'll
get it back before the 6th of February so I can do my exams properly!

Anyhow, I'm now working on my brothers HP mini but it doesn't work that good, so here are some pictures of last weeks food to keep you posted a little.. (paint isn't workig here as well so I'll just put them online this way)

1. My friend Paulien and I were on our way to school, so what did we do? Tea time!
Boy, do I love my nailpolish(CHANEL S/S2011)

2. Not too bad being at hotel management school!
We had to make a lot of brownies

3. The ingredients

4. My brother and I both like toasted sandwiches, but my mom refused to buy a toaster...untill today!
This toasted sandwich is with dried ham, cheese, salsa and green pesto

5. A few weeks ago, it was my brothers birthday. I made the chocolat one with loads of sprinkles and the cuuuuutest candles!

6. An oldie! I didn't even show you the Christmas dinner I made(shame on me), anyhow, this is dessert!
Starting down under with coockies, than lemon curd, than creme fraiche, some blueberries and than repeat the whole thing. BEST.DESSERT.EVER. Thanks to Jamie Oliver for that!


Something new..

Such a crazy thing, but when something involves ´April´, as in the month April(I was born in April), I feel a strong connection to it. So, when I saw the new Chanel limited S/S collection (and LE VERNIS in particular) and with that the names of the three nailpolishes, April, May and June, I was in loooove. Mostly with April ofcourse. Red, but not like FIRE but bordeaux red.. it looks a lot lighter on the picture though!

You like?


Sale shopping..

Actually, I don't like sale shopping that much, everything in my size happens to be sold out pretty much everywhere and everybody is pushing and pulling and screaming and.. the waiting at the fitting rooms. Lucky bastards we are with webshops. So I was browsing around the web last night and saw the H&M sale for the first time(BLIND?!) and ofcourse, I couldn't stop myself from ordering some nice shirts and very nice sunnies!

I'm actually craving for shirts that make an outfit special, and I already tried this one last November at a H&M store and they were pretty nice, but I didn't think I needed them. Now I do(do I?). Anyway, it was love at first sight, nothing different to say about the sunnies, let the sunshine in pleeease!

All H&M sale

What dou you think about them? And what about sale shopping?!



DIY: I 'Shell' tell you a secret...

About storing jewelry...

Years ago, when my aunt and uncle didn't have children for themselves, I used to sleep over, they were living in a much bigger city than the one me and my family lived in, so it was amazing for me! We did shopping all the time and had a lot of lunches and amazing dinners. Remember I was writing about that aunt with great cooking skills?! Well, she's the one!

Anyhow, after dinners, lunches, shopping and a night of sleep, I was mostly spoiled with a morning in the bath that had a great view on the city and the park but the only think I was looking at were the mirrors.

She made the mirrors herself, two big ones with tropical shells she found on all of her trips, such a great memory. I was obsessed with the mirrors, and when they moved to a bigger house..I GOT ONE OF THE MIRRORS!

Mirror and jewelry you think? Well, since the shells have all different shapes, sizes, points, curves and perfect placements, the shells are great to make them more usefull and pretty by hanging them with your bling! Mine mostly filled with my nacklaces, bracelets, long earrings and big rings. I think it's amazing because we all need(want) a mirror, we all love jewelry(most of us) and I think it's a great way to save room when you don't have a lot of space to store your jewelry or if you don't want a jewelry tree!

Now, it's pretty easy to make one yourself!
What do you need:
- Mirror
- Paint
- Shells
- Gluepistol

Get some paint in the colour of your choice and give the mirror the colour you like. When the mirror is dry, it's time to get the glue pistol. Make sure the shells stick to the mirror very good and do this untill you think the mirror is full enoug! Ofcourse you can do the same wit photoframes or other things you want to 'pimp' up!

And hey, pick a nice sunny day to collect the shells, maybe with your lover or a girlfriend to make it a nice day out!

What do you think about this?! How do you store your jewellry?!
A more detailed post about necklaces is coming soon!

Lots of love!


Little List!

Because of the holidays, I didn't even think about what day it actually was! Did you?! I just saw my agenda for the first time this year and was amazed by the speed of the days(10th already!). Well, it's Tuesday as well, and to go back to last year, I posted a little list every Tuesday. This will probably shuffle between days of the week from now, but I'll keep you up with my lists..ofcourse!

What I'm showing you today? My favourite nailpolishes for this moment!

1. My absolute favourite, FIRE, Chanel LE VERNIS
classy, fashionable and goes with every other colour!

I couldn't be happier at the moment they told me 505 was going to stay in the collection, SUCH a great, nude colour that I wear a lot

when I want to go dark, but not black

4. Stormy Grey, YSL
grey, but blue-ish grey, very special

5. Nails in Mannequin, TOPSHOP
nude, but it has colour, great for a day at work!

What are your favourites?!

Lots of love!

Fashion Chalet is giving away...

This great Balenciaga arena giant city bag! Who doesn't like to get/win things? Well, anyway, I do! This giveaway by Fashion Chalet is AMAZING!

Ofcourse, you can win as well! See Fashion Chalet her blog with the link and fight with me to win the bag out of about 1600 other girls(&boys?) that are already joining! Ends at the 12th of January, so hurry up babes!


Food diary!

After a week with a LOT of sleep, sport and rain, I also tried to eat healthier, which I did from the 2nd of January.. let's see what was on the menu!

1. This was my breakfast 3 times this week, it's something that fills very good and after this, I'm not hungry untill (late)lunch.

2. Well, what I said at 1 is not totally true, after 1,5 hour of fitness, I'm mostly craving for something to eat and I decided to bring something healthy with me!

3. This was the 30th of December, my friend and I went to Doetinchem where she wanted to buy an outfit for NYE and ofcourse, we had to eat something(I guess we danced enough to burn this all)

4. My friend Linda came by to have a drink

5. 1st of January, the Dutch tradition is to eat 'Oliebollen' at the first(and second and third...) of January, so we did!

6. A healthy milky drink with strawberry/cherry flavour to start the day, I like!

So, did you eat a lot during the change of years?! And do you have any resolutions that involve food for 2012? Tell me!

Lots of love!


A sign!?

I'm so exited about VOGUE finally being represented in the Netherlands, but nobody knew when. Now, there is a sign of life because their website is online from now so let's hope the magazine will be in stores very soon!

Do you read VOGUE already or will you read VOGUE(for the Dutchies)? Do you have a favourite?!

Lots of love!


New in: Anckle boots

Last week, I was looking for a NYE outfit, but when I stepped into a shoe store and saw these beauties, for an amazing price, I couldn't leave them! Soon to see in (probably many) outfit post. They are veeery comfortable, have a great dark green colour and amazing studs.

What do you think of them?!
Lots of love!


NYE party!

This is why I like to host party's. A lot of friends gathering and having a great time. Here are some fotos of the evening.

1. Skittles and Vodka make..Skittles Vodka!
2. Everybody
3. Ilse and I
4. Lovelieees
5. Ilse, me and Daphne

I was wearing:

H&M dress
PIECES glitter tights


Have a fashionable 2012

So, after a good night of sleep(which was needed after New Years Eve), I'm ready to tell you about what's new and what my goals for this year are. They are pretty realistic, so I hope to make them happen.

First of all, I want to thank you for following me troughout 2011! I started to like writing and blogging more and more, and I still do! Because of the bad camera I have (since my amazing HTC with great camera broke), it was harder to make pictures. But I'm not going to let the camera take me down and will post more and more outfits. Anyway, because of the views and comments, I'm pushing myself to take pictures, and I will beg my mum to take a picture everyday.(I think my dad doesn't understand the blogging thing very much)

Now, on with the goals!

- Blog more! At the end of the year I'd like to be between 50/75 followers, do you think it will be reachable?!

- Save, save, save a LOT! (There's SO much I would like to buy this year.)

- Pass all my exams(starting on February 6)

- Eat a lot healthier (not easy in a house full of men, but I'll keep it up)

- Getting on Marbell her back a lot more!

- Starting at my next school, hopefully in Leeuwarden or Maastricht.

What do you think?! Have you got any (new) goals for 2012?

To show you what my 31st looked like;

My friends and my brothers friends came over to our place and we had a lot of food cause everybody had to bring something, this picture was taken just after midnight, and there are some more to come!

Have a great, save, happy, fashionable, inspirational year, and looooots of love!


31st of December

Always special, the last day of the year. Did some shopping, watched movies and ofcourse, had a great party!

This is what I was wearing during the day...

To see the picture back, it's not the most charming one, but anyway, one of my goals to reach is posting at least two outfits a week. Reachable isn't it?!

? shoes
PIECES tights
ASOS short
H&M jacket

Lots of love, and ofcourse, HAPPY NEWYEAR!