Shopping in London

I was looking forward to go to London again for a long time, last time was in the end of November so it became time to go again. First, I went to Harrods to purchase some Ladurée macarons. Than, I was at ZARA and saw the most beautifull boots. They are some higher as ankle boots, about 10 cm. higher, have 13,5 cm. heels and are black suéde. I'm truly in love with them and they're shining in my room.

Other things I bought today:
- Smart trousers with zippers
- 'Boyfriend' shirt with OMG printed on it
- Panter printed wallet
- Panter printed-butterfly armed top in grey-black

I was surprised about myself because I normally buy LOTS of accessoires when I go shopping and I didn't even buy one.

There will be a LOT of 'look of the day' updates from 18th of February!
Hope you guys like the boots as well!



Shoplog 17-01-2011

Benefit Cosmetics gave me a great offer last week when I was in the store; a free make-up lesson!

So, I was in town today and went there for my (free) make-up lesson. The very friendly Becca, who was helping me last week, showed me a LOT of products. She did my full face make-up.
Started with a new product, called 'porefessional' and a concealer. My skin felt great after that already, it was SO soft! Than there was 'girl meets pearl', a raspberry smelled/gold-pink shiny cream. After that, she told me that I didn't need it, but she putted some 'foundation faker' on my skin. It may look a lot of make-up already, but everything was very soft and it was not very obvious that I wore make-up. Than se asked if I wanted to try some party make-up.
She used a palet, it was 'big bright eyes'. There's concealer and 3 colours of eye shadow in it to make brown smokey eyes. Since I saw the store a few months ago I was in love with the brand, but since I use it, it's even better! And, they had a great offer today as well, when you buy something after a make-up lesson, you can choose to get a eyeshadow or lipstick for free.

What I have:
- Browzings. Great product. It's a palet with a brown wax and brown powder, the wax shapes your brow and the powder colours it, mix it; great combination! There are two brushes and a little tweezerman pincet in the palet as well.
-Girl meets pearl. A pink raspberry smelled cream with a golden touch. Great for under/as foundation
- Highbrow. After you put on all your make-up, use this pencil to create a brighter look by making a line under your eyebrow.
-Creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner. I got this one for free. It's a creamy feeling eye shadow that lasts all day!

I also couldn't resist to take a look at the new Topshop collection last week. It's not very special but it has some great pieces. I saw a ring the other day and I could not stop thinking about it, so I went back to the store and got it today. Unfortunatly I can't take a pictur, but is BEAUTIFULL.

I also bought some nailpolish and liquid eyeliner at Topshop. :)


No camera/blog change

Since I left my camera in NL in November I can't take pictures anymore because my iPhone is broken as well.

When I'm back in NL I want to change my blog slightly. I already did the new layout, but I'm not posting any special things, I think. So when I'm back home, I want to start taking pictures of my clothes/look of the day, food that I make/eat and gonna keep sort of a shoplog.

You can expect more of that from March!



Places to visit

There are some places in the world I REALLY want to go.

- Bali
- Iceland
- Australia
- Hawaii

And places I want to go at least once a year.
- London
- Paris
- Austria


It's crazy. Everybody would love to travel, work at the hotel I work, make new friends from other country's and enjoy the time. Now, I'm back here in Luton and start to feel sad and homesick again. Time went much faster than I tought in the beginning. I can go home 20 days earlier than planned, there are already 4 months and 6 days gone and only 40 days left. Still, I only think of and can't wait 'till I'm back home. What sport will I start? What would my next traineeship (in my hometown) be like?

I would recommand everybody to do a traineeship in another country, and it is and was good for me. But I can't wait 'till I'm on that plane home on the 18th of February and never have to return. I'm VERY glad that my dad will visit me in 20 days, because it feels a little like home again ánd it's only 20 days from than. I was off yesterday and I started to pack some things I don't need in the next 40 days. I can tell you that it feels really good.
Another good thing, I'm nervous about my exam, which is on the 7th/8th on February, a week after my dad gets here. I HAVE to send my assignments before Tuesday otherwise I won't pass my exams, so the days will be going pretty quick because I'm stressed. There will fall something off of my shoulders after the date I send everything.

Now, I'm glad that I've written this down and feel a little bit better.

Love xoxo