Christmas day!

Sorry guys, still no outfit posts, but some pictures of what I did this Christmas, and there are more to come!
My SD card is not broken, but my own laptop doesn't read it anymore, so I'll do my best to get it fixed ASAP. Now, on to the pictures?

1. The gifts under the tree at my moms place.
2. Breakfast at Christmas day
3. Starry candlelights
4. The present to myself, a nacklace with a lot of little stars
5. My brother gave a coin for my Mi Moneda necklace
6. The Clinique products my mom gave me

More photos to come!
Lots of love!


Little List

Santa gave me a very nice voucher to spend at Bijenkorf. Ofcourse, I'm already thinking about what to buy with it. Very bad actually, but I can control myself and will wait till next seasons collections are in store.

There are a few things that have been on my list pretty long:

1. UGG classic mini's
can't decide which colour though

2. Hunter boots
same problem...

3. Triwa watch
in bright pink, purple, green or turquoise

4. Save and use the voucher when I want to buy a Macbook

5. Just get a lot of little stuff. Some nailpolish, a nice shirt, vogues and things like that..

Well, I'll keep on dreaming, and when I'm over there I probably see a lot more that I want and like.

What would you use it for?



Merry Christmas!

Ladies, gentleman, boys and girls, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!
Yesterday, I got some gifts, and ofcourse, I made pictures of them. But my SD card is broken or my laptop doesn't pick up the SD card anymore so I can't post them yet.

We had dinner with family last night, like every year.
This morning a breakfast and after this post, I'm getting ready for another dinner.
Tomorrow I'm off to my dad for an early dinner and I have to work at night, and ofcourse, we'll dance our feet of during the night!

Just to give a little impression, our Christmas tree this year, with the gifts we unpacked yesterday!
Wanna know what was inside? Stay tuned, I'll get them online ASAP!

Have yourselfs a lovely Christmas!


Food diary!

I ate A LOT this week. Crazy.

1. Busy week at work, and what do we do when we're busy? Fast food.
Chips with (diet)coke

2. At work again. I had to make a little cheese dish and this is the result, cuuuute right?

3. After dinner at work. Coffee and chocolat.

4. Macarons, not the 'real' ones, but Kasper Paul, a bakery and pattisier in town sells them and they are pretty good.

5. Kniepertjes, a Dutch delight. Use a waffle iron, make the dough and roll them up while warrm, tadaaaa!

6. The local fruit and vegetable supplyer of every restaurant in and around Winterswijk. Their gift to their costumers this year wasn't the standard calendar but this lovely cake!


Little List! (but a little longer)

Today was my last school day of 2011, and I'm very glad it was. As sleeping as one of my favourite things(very guilty pleasure, I would love to be one of those people who wake up at 9 at a day off and just step out of bed. Discipline needed?) I'm going to catch the sleep I need these weeks and take loads of outfit pictures to show you!

Anyhow, back to lists. My favourite things that happened this year!

- Coming back home from 6,5 months in the UK in February
I bet you can imagine, but the shopping was WAY better

- Blanes with Linda
Party destination in Spain for a lot of Dutchies

- Soldaat van Oranje
A Dutch musical but so, so, so amazing. Turning stage ánd seats, great actors and the best location. And ofcourse, the best company..family!

- Mom bringing back Ladurée macarons from Paris
Yes, I get very happy of those pretty ones, the real Ladurée taste, the box, the bag, the feeling.

 - My new job 
I'm starting in January, but I'm VERY happy with it already

- Dinner at Solo

- All dinners, cookies, 'knakbroodjes', chocolat, drinks, crisps, train and bus rides, shopping, skyping, texting, facebooking, blogLOVING and lunches with and from the girls
Thank you girls! Daphne, Linda, Ilse, Joyce, Leonie, Nickay, Nathal, Miranda, Janitte and Marleen

- Chic Fashionfreak.
Gosh, I'm sooooo sentimental but just have to name that I like to be 'back' in contact!

- Getting more confident about wearing things
just do it

- Getting back to sports. I joined the gym last month!

What are your favourite things or moments of last year!?

Lots of love!


Busy, busy, busy!

Hello darlings!

As you have seen, I haven't been blogging since last Wednesday. Pretty much because I was still doing exams at school! Only tomorrow is left and than..at least two weeks off school, but some work and partying to do, which is GREAT ofcourse! I'll do some Christmas shopping this week and hope people will do the same for me(a), but giving a great gift is the best thing ever, isn't it?

Well, before I show you a few movies which I really like, I'll show you a new one on my wishlist..or maybe more than one!

- Gossip Girl DVD box season 1-4..or just season 4, can't get enough of the fashion, lifestyle, pretty people and ofcourse PARIS!

- Waterproof, shockproof and doing a great job(I guess)(I'll wait for Annemerel to get back from her holiday and showing her finds about it). I think it will be a good first camera and I hope that this baby will be mine very soon.
Since I'm starting my new job from the 1st of January, I think I will give myself this gift which is affordable and good looking, and totally one of my kind, since I'm a biiiiit clumsy.

Now, time for the movie! I'm getting into Christmas, with the tree in both houses(mom and dad), chocolat and Christmas coockies laying around all over the place and, ofcourse, the snow, which is falling right at this moment..

With this song I'm feeling ready for it(accept for the outfit)!

How are you celebrating Christmas?!

Lots of love!


Food diary!

A full one again!

1. Bread sticks during lunch today
2. A great salad with ravioli's and carpaccio
3. Chococcino and a Christmas cookie
4. 'Koffie van Ommen', because of the whipped cream with caramel taste
5. Very nice, after dinner, my nieces ate these ones
6. My dads girlfriend had a workshop yesterday, with a great result!

Did you have a good week foodwise?


Little List

Christmas Wishlist

1. Blouse Firenze Italia in bright blue. Already have the black one and it's AMAZING

2. Mi Moneda coin 'Paris' in silver

3. 10 feet vest with stars as elbow pads

4. CHANEL 505, my bottle is empty

5. A new bobble filter

And ofcourse, I could go on for a looong time, and the list will probably change within a day but just had to tell my top 5 at the moment!

Lots of love!


The photos!

Ohhhhh I was so exited to see the photos! Darlene, Daphne her niece, goes to a photography school and had to shoot some photos for an aids campaign, just had to share a few.

Lots of love


Thursday Movie #6

J'adore! This reminds me of some years ago, when me and my friends(who are still my friends) were in high school and watched 'Les Choristes' during French class, a movie about boys and music and we fell in love with the movie, music, boys, costumes and more..

What do you think?

Lots of love!



When I saw the shoes of Sabrina's afterdrk, they went straight up to number one on my wishlist, how pretty and affordable!

For sale at myfashionfavourites!

What do you think about them?
Lots of love!


A little one!

So, there was a lot more food last week, but since the camera of my Blackberry is so, so, SO bad, I couldn't take a lot of pictures, but I had a lovely, busy 'Sinterklaas' weekend, how was yours?

1. Chocolate espresso in Germany!
2. Lovely breakfast
3. One of my presents I got yesterday.
4. When I was a little sad, Daphne treated me with this platter, soooo sweet!

Lots of love! 

Little List

This week about movies!

1. SEX AND THE CITY, definetly, 1&2 
really, have seen them 50 times already and I'm gonna watch them again, tonight!

2. Inglorious Bastards
yes, about war, but such funny jokes and very good (looking) actors

3. Gease 2.
to watch by myself so I can sing along with every single song

4. Komt een vrouw bij de dokter
dutch one, about love and illness, BEST ACTORS EVER

5. The devil wears Prada
who doesn't want that job?

LOTS of love


Thursday Movie #5

So, I'm probably a biiiit behind on the rest of the world, but I only discovered Birdy last week. Here's 'Skinny Love' which I'm listening to all the time!

Lots of looooove!


Little List

About my favourite drinks!

1. Yagua(berries and green tea)!
A-MA-ZING! Healthy and tasty!

2. POM LITE with dragonfruit

3. Fresh tea
With honey

4. Eristoff Gold
Subtile caramel flavour

Come on, who DOESN'T love?

 Cosmopolitans at Revolutie


A day in Munster

Today, my aunts, mother and I went to Munster(as a present for my aunt her 50th birthday).  There are a lot Christmas markets in Germany, and since we live 5 minutes from the border, we were there in one hour!

Sort of a Twilight face, isn't it? 

ZARA coated jeans
? shoes
MOMS poncho
KATE MOSS lipstick

Sprinkled apples! 

Gera, me and Joke(yes, that's her actual name) during lunch

Lunch to share

I'm not sure why this picture is so unclear, but isn't it cuuuute!?

My aunt and me with very fashionable hats. To buy or not to buy?


It's back!

My food diary! The BB doesn't make the best pictures, but I think that has something charming, as it is a diary...

1. Healthy lunch after a few hours of sport.
2. Two weeks ago, at Il Caffé. Fall coffee with my aunt because it was two days before her 50th b'day.
3. After a busy weekend at work, Daphne and I decided to have a drink and one of the waiters gave us this box with crisps.
4. High tea with friends, made by Linda and me.
5. Lunch with mom at Revolutie.
6. We went trough a lot of old photo's and guess what I'm doing on most of them?!


It's a bit late, but I already told you why, so here's this weeks movie. And to be honest, I couldn't leave this week without a little sentimental music, so here's my all time favourite which will never change!

To you Freddie!

Lots of


Little List

Food. I like it so much that I guess that it became my 'hobby'...

everything over there is amazing, tea, service, macarons, cupcakes, little tartes..

2. Breakfast at a good restaurant or hotel
such a good start, it will make me happy on the most cloudy and rainy days!
3. Vitello Tonato (at places I know they make the best)
tuna mayonaise with veal. i like mine with pesto, parmesan and sun dried tomatoes..

4.  Fish & Chips
only in the UK, on friday, with cocktailsauce

5. Deer.
can't get enough.

What are your favourite things to eat?

Lots of



Well, guys, WHAT a week! For the first time in 9 months, I had to go back to school this week. I promise to post the Tuesday List and Thursday Movie tomorrow!

Last Saturday, 'fox hunting'. A big thing in the town I live. Especially for horse riders and lovers. So, what brings me there? I've been horseriding for 6 years in my younger years(and after Saturday, I think I'll pick it up again) and still can't get enough of horses. So, what do they do?

A team of runners take a cloth, soaked in fox scents(think of things you don't want to think about) for about two weeks, they take the cloth, run around over fields and trough the woods and the dogs will follow the scent. What do the horses do then? Just run after the dogs. Such a great view!

Ohh I'll stop the talking and won't keep you from looking at the pictures.

Thank the sun for the look on my face, haha!

Henk, his great horse and me\
Time to feed the hardworking dogs!

ZARA jeans
UGG boots
? t-shirt
H&M jacket


I'm sorry!

Hi lovelies!

As you all have seen, I haven't been posting a lot since last week, caused by a lot of work, a pretty bad cold and most important, by my exam. I'm doing part of it in december, and part of it in 2012. I do have some time off tomorrow so I hope that I will be able to create some outfitposts for you!

A photo from me and my friend Daphne at the fashionshow we attended last September.

See you very soon!

Lots of


Red Lips

Well, I bought the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick, and promised to show you, so I will in this post!

Not the best shot, taken with my dads camera, but a promise is a promise isn't it?!

Lots of


Thursday Movie #3

Time for a movie again! This week about the Kate Moss & Rimmel line, which I like!

I haven't been wearing lipstick a lot, but when I tried Kates nr 10 I was sold, such a different look I hope to show you tomorrow.

Lots of


New in!

The first skull-printed item in my closet is by Cheap Monday via Welikefashion.com,

Remember the Sneak Peek from last week? I had to send that shirt back to get a smaller size, and it arrived home today so I shot some pictures for you.

Soon to see in outfit posts!

Lots of

To die for...

Or actually, to save for! This amazing Nikon J1. Best quality, lightweight, and the best part is yet to come...

It looks amazing!
I don't have a good camera yet so the Nikon J1 will probably be a good one to start with!
From now on, I'll be saving to get this baby in my bag as soon as possible!

Lots of 


WERELSE. What else?

WERELSE. What else?

How do you like my collage?!

Little List

About guilty pleasures!

1. Pepernoten, haven't had them yet, because I only like to eat them in the evening, with tea and in front of the fireplace.

2. Chips with real mayonnaise, to get at one cafetaria in town. Luckily I can resist it most of the time, we only go there twice a year.

3. Sleeping during the day, especially when it was an early morning...

4.  Opening a new Chanel beauty product. Sounds crazy, but it gives me sort of a luxurious feeling.

5. Shoes.

Lots of


Outfit; Cold Sunday

photos by Mom with Kodak EasyShare

After a party weekend(photos soon online), a few pictures of my lazy Sunday outfit. It started to get really cold last week and I've been wearing my Mango hat everyday, so it deserves at least one picture on my blog. Oh and sorry for the not so happy face!

ZARA jeans
H&M jacket
NEW YORKER sneakers

Happy Sunday!

Lots of


Thursday movie #2

Just in time to put a really pretty movie on my blog, starring Scarlett Johansson.

Good night and lots of


Sneak Peek!

Excuses for the bad photo, taken with my Blackberry.

I woke up this morning when my fathers girlfriend came up to my room to bring me these packages!
Can you guess whats inside?!

Lots of


Little List

I'll have to bring some structure into my blog, which started with the Thursday Movie, and now the Little List on Tuesday!

Things that make me VERY happy; while I don't even think about that while it's happening.

1. My great friends, always there to talk, eat, drink, dance or just hang out and say nothing.

2. My family getting together, like today. We eat, drink and talk a lot, and even though we don't see eachother very much, it always feels great! 

3. When my aunt is cooking. EVERYTHING she makes tastes good.

4. Unplanned shopping. Isn't that the best thing ever?

5. Sleeping. Just love it.

Today made me very happy because I can tell that all things above came on my path today! Starting with a breakfast with Linda, followed by tea and muffins with Linda, Daphne and Ilse, went on to the birthday of my nephew and niece and ate the best food ever over there(pasta's, couscous, risotto and her signature salads). On our way back, me and dad came by IKEA and stopped by, I bought some picture frames and book standard and while I was laying in my bed I couldn't stop thinking about the great day I just had!  

Sleep well lovelies!


Outfit post!

photos by Gera with Kodak EasyShare 

Finally, an outfit to share with you!

ZARA everything but the Mi Moneda chain.


Shoe shopping part TWO.

photos by me with Kodak EasyShare

Remember the Shoe dilemma? I had a lot of help from Isabella, from Chic Fashionfreak! She lives in Spain(where ZARA items cost a bit less) and brought me this shoes when she came in Holland last weekend, how sweet!

And now the drama. They didn't fit! Normally I always wear a size 37 but they were too small. So what do you do when they come from Spain(different price)? Well, lucky as I was, ZARA Amsterdam had no problems with changing them to another size, so here they are. And now shining on my 'pretty shoe shelf'.

Can't wait to wear them next Saturday!

Lots of


Thursday Movie #2

This weeks movie is the AMAZING song Mommy by Selah Sue, a singer from Belgium. I bought her debut album just this afternoon and had to share some great sounds with you!

New shoes part ONE.

photos by me with Kodak EasyShare
Yesterday, me and my friend Janitte went to Amsterdam for some shopping and for the first time since years, there was A LOT I liked! So were these sneakers. I've got navy Vans, but no sneakers to wear with a black outfit. When I saw these in the store, I screamed a little 'AAH' because they are just perfect in my opinion, animal print, shiny fabric, not too though, and some suede accents.

What do YOU think?

Lots of


Sneek Peek

A quick sneek peek! You'll see a lot more in tomorrows post about my shopping spree in Amsterdam this afternoon!

photo by me with Kodak EasyShare
lots of ♥



Andy Torres from Stylescrapbook
Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad
Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad

Three major bloggers, one 'label'. They have put their heads together and came up with a project called WERELSE. I was very curious about WERELSE. In the newsletter, which came last week, it became clear that they will produce fashion in limited editons and guess what..

The first T-shirts are online (in collaboration with 'Happiness is in a 10 dollar tee') now and soon to buy at www.werelse.com. Prices unknown



Fashion & Food

Isabella, from Chic Fashionfreak is back in Holland for a few days to celebrate her Birthday, so we went out
for lunch on Saturday! Her boyfriend Bob came along and talked with us about fashion and blogs, so nice!

Happy Birthday to you Chic Fashionfreak! Such a shame I didn't bring my camera to her b'day celebration yesterday, cause it was great!

Now, my food diary is pretty much gone since my phone is gone, so this is a short preview of what's coming!

My lunch at Revolutie
Isabella and Bob
photos by me with Kodak EasyShare