Well, as you all might have seen, I have not been posting any outfits lately! My sort of photographer Linda has moved to Enschede, and will not be able to take a lot of photos anymore.. so I have to look for another victim!

So I'll promise, more outfits coming!

Photo by me(HTC)

H&M shirt, jeans, necklace and ring
VANS sneakers
ZARA jacket


Food Diary #3

1. Glass of Cava at Antwerp
2. The standard food platter when there are guests at my dad's house
3. Hugo, a new drink! Amazing drink when served ice cold
4. Barbecue at my dad's. Again, soooo luckky he's a chef!
5. Yagua, my new drink!
6. Marshmallows on a stick at the barbecue.


Food Diary #2

From the passed week(s)
1. Lunch at my mom's garden!
2. Surprise from Pariiiiis, macarons de Ladurée
3. Coupe at Talamini with my lovely friend Annieck
4. Eating a macaron from Pattisier Tout Amsterdam (www.toutpatisserie.nl)
5. So lucky dad's a chef! One of his great salads!
6. Detox! Rose petal tea at Culinair Concept (www.culinairconcept.nl)


New in from..

H&M Barcelona! While shopping there I couldn't leave these beauties behind. I did actually hide them, because I wanted to see if ZARA had some other, more pretty ones, but I couldn't get these out of my head.

They walk lovely, the colour is beautifull and the fringes make them special!
To wear with an all black outfit or with a nice dress!


I won!

With supplying for the Welikefashion.com battle, I won the bobble! There's a day winner everyday, and I was one of them!

The bobble is a waterbottle(with bobbly curves)that has a filter in the lid, so you have the best possible water. We already had one of those filtering water cans at home so I was thinking about buying one, when I got the great news that I won one! The filter works about 300 times and after that, you can buy a new filter in a different colour if you like!
I'll be using it while running and I have it right next to me while working the blog!

What do you think about the Bobble?! And what will you be using it for?
Available in loads of different colours on www.welikefashion.com


Why I'm easy...

Easy like Sunday morning. Yes, the last couple of days were VERY early. I'm 'babysitting' my aunts dog 'Bram' while she's on holiday. Very sweet, but much more energetic and attention asking than I expected.

And what an 'easy' Sunday, just how I like them, no hurry, but loads to do.
Up at (a liiiiittle early) 7.30, back in bed at 7.50.
Woke up again at 11, made me and my brother breakfast.
Walked the dog.
Mom came to pick me up, we went to Germany with my stepsisters.(eating cake, drinking coffee)
Quick stop at Talamini for the best icecream in the country.(www.talaminiwinterswijk.nl)
Back in NL, we went to THÉ goats cheese farm in and around town. (Try cheeses, feeding the little goats)
At mom's place to have unhealthy dinner.
Walked the dog for half an hour.
Writing blogposts, which I've done way too little the last couple of weeks!

And tonight..
My friends Linda and Joyce are coming over for chocolate fondue!

All of this in my great black maxi dress!

Cheese tasting

Fruity icecream!

Feeding the little goats:)

PIECES maxi dress
ONLY blazer
CHANEL nailpolish
UNKNOWN sunnies
TI SENTO ring and bracelet

Pictures made by E. Neef and me


From the box

Since it is the best weather since I came back from Spain, it's a good day to finally wear my Supertrash tube dress, in combination with my Topshop skirt. From next week, I've got my personal photographer, my friend Linda, who made the pictures in Spain as well, so sorry for these self made photos.

SUPERTRASH dress/top from the Giftbox