A large one, as you can see! The passed two weeks I've been eating and drinking a lot, after those 5 days of yoghurt and soups I had to taste all the great food that was around me again..



A few weeks ago I told you that I won a Beats by Dre headphone with Qmusic and I recieved it at home a while ago, I JUST HAD TO MAKE PICTURES of the wonderfull device. Not only the box it comes in is
BIG, the headphone itself isn´t really . I carry it around pretty much everywhere, train, car, bike(which is stolen, but when I do get on a bike it's on my head), gym and when I'm walking and so on.. 

For more pictures..



Well, I hope this is the last time to say it, because after this week there won't be any stress left. IM SORRY for not posting almost two weeks!
1. Camera died(now I have to get my brothers camera very sneaky)
2. Exams, exams, exams..
4. It was my Birtday!

After giving the list above all the blame, I'll tell you the good news!
1. My mum has a GREAT phone, and when I see her today I'll let her take some pictures of my outfit
2. I'll show you my Birthday gifts and everything else I purchased these last 2 weeks because I can take pictures of those myself!
3. Lot of new clothes, even more inspiration for new outfits!
4. Working in the evening = time to shoot during the day!

To end.. a picutre of my birthday drink at Revolutie!