Casual @ Barcelona

ZARA jeans
ZARA shoes
ZARA top
JAH JAH bracelet
UNKNOWN sunnies

Danie Bles & Fab.

I'm soooooo pleased with the collection Danie Bles made for Fab. As you can see, great models, fabrics even better, nude and colorfull. Need to say more?
There are 5 types of jackets:
- Paris(short one with zippers)
- New York(long one with zippers)
- Ibiza(with fringes)
- London(with flaps)
- Anvers(long motordress jacket)

All of them in different colours and fabrics
My personal favourites are the Ibiza and Paris jackets, what are yours?

For sale at www.fab.nl


Food Diary #1

Having a dad who's a chef/manager in a catering company and a mom managing 2 restaurants and a party centre made me into a little food moster. I'm working in restaurants since I was 14, so I see and saw a lot of food. I love to go out for dinner or lunch or just for a drink and also love to cook and bake myself.. Let's see what we've got!

1. I made a 18th b'day cake for one of my BFF's Daphne
2. At Starbucks Barcelona last week when I was in Spain with Linda
3. Pink macaroons with raspberries and strawberries made by Raymond, chef at the restaurant I work
4. Half a watermelon at Blanes beach, last week
5. Great pink cupcake at funpark 'Efteling', couldn't resist!
6. One of my favorite sandwiches at 'De Revolutie', with filet american, egg, rucola and red onion.

See you soon xoxo


Evening sun

Fist evening in Blanes, walking down the boulevard market in the evening sun. Loooovely!

PIECES dress
PAUL FRANK flip flops
CHARM clutch
RAY BAN sunnies


Bonjour Cherie!

When I was shopping in Barcelona, I couldn't leave the shirt(which I saw online a few months ago) hanging in store. Standing in the cue to pay, I saw the skirt coming by, I felt the fabric and was sold, so soft and nice to 'hop in' on a sunny day!

ZARA skirt
ZARA shirt
ZARA sandals
RAY BAN sunnies


The Bloggers List

Since today, I'm on the I Love Fashon News Bloggers List!

Thanks a lot!

Pink lady

ZARA jeans
H&M espardilles
CHARM clutch
JAHJAH bracelets
HEMA nailpolish

Shoplog; June

The week before I went on holiday, I did some shopping. Results down here!

1. ZARA shoes
2. ZARA jeans(couldn't leave the grey one cause I was dreaming about it since 3 months. The pink one was a dream as well, was looking for the perfect pink one and found it!)
3. Great bracelets. Made by Rachelle, a girl from Winterswijk. She's only selling them since 2 weeks. To purchase at 't Landhuys in Winterswijk
4. Chain with a heartshaped key. Purchased at Connected. http://www.connectedfashion.nl/
5. Vero Moda top, has a very special back as well.

All of these items will be in outfitposts very soon!





My favourite energy boosts are fruit and running. First one is not too hard. My all time number one is fresh orange juice with frozen raspberries. How to?!

- 3 oranges
- handfull of (frozen)raspberries
- blender

Shoplog; Clutches

The only clutch I had was a taupe coloured one, purchased at Primark about 8 months ago, when I was in the UK. Than my friend Daphne, who ALWAYS finds perfect items, showed me her new purchase. It was an amazing clutch/little bag, bought at ‘Sjuul’, a local store. It was that bad, that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The minute I could, I ran to the store and saw the bag. I couldn’t resist getting two. A pink one(ofcourse), and a black one. The bag is vĂ©ry classy and simple, but the fringe-zipper makes it special. There’s a little place with a zipper inside to put your phone or cards as well so it’s big enough to carry all of your stuff around!

Many thanks to Daphne for the tip! <3