The Dutch football team is playing tonight and ofcourse I'm supporting, but half an hour ago me and my brother found out we didn't have ANYTHING orange to wear so we went to a store where they sell crazy stuff and got ourselves ..

I'm ready for the match against Germany! What are you girls(and guys?!) doing tonight?!




When I opened a little door in the kitchen, I saw a lonely pack of brownie mix standing there a little dusted and forgotten...

So I decided to crack it open, I added some stuff, separated the brown creamy mass into little portions, gave them a warm 40 minutes, some time to cool down and, pulled of the green starry paper and..

Had a bite.

Wanna do the same?! Just get any sort of brownie mix and instead of a larger baking tray you put them into cupcake tins or paper ones and SHARE!




Pictures! Finally a 'normal' phone again. It's a Blackberry again so I can take pictures and email them to myself. Only FB is not working yet but hey, I've got a laptop, right!?

The first week with my phone.. and this is what happened!

 Having macarons and coffee with Anne
Riding Marbell
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STYLIGHT.nl Het online fashionplatform!
Hebben jullie al gehoord over Stylight.nl? Nee?! Dan wil ik jullie via deze weg snel kennis laten maken met deze website.
Na Duitsland was ook Nederland toe aan een online fashion platform en dankzij Stylight.nl kunnen veel online shoppers hun hart ophalen. Op Stylight.nl vind je het aanbod van verschillende webshops (zoals Zalando, Jeansonline en 9straatjesonline) onder één dak. Je kan Stylight.nl dus eigenlijk zien als een soort ‘online winkelcentrum’. Het voordeel hiervan is dat je meteen het aanbod van verschillende webshops kunt zien, dus ben jij op zoek naar een jurk? Op Stylight.nl zie je dan het aanbod van alle webshops die aangesloten zijn bij Stylight.nl en hoef je niet alle webshops apart langs te gaan. Je kan het grote aanbod meteen met elkaar vergelijken en de perfecte jurk shoppen. Daarnaast kan je ook in het filtermenu een bepaalde kleur of een bepaald merk kiezen zodat je meteen bij de selectie van jouw voorkeur uitkomt. 

Hou jij van mode en heb je altijd altijd al een uitdagende stage op gebied van e-commerce willen doen? Ook dan is Stylight.nl perfect voor jou! Je vindt hier vele stages op verschillende gebieden binnen het bedrijf. Het is een erg jong en dynamisch bedrijf waar je, je snel thuis zult voelen. Stylight voelt als een familie, dus laat het paarse Stylight.nl bloed door jouw aderen stromen. Proud to bleed purple!
Waar wacht je nog op? Ga snel naar http://www.stylight.nl/ en begin met shoppen!



These pictures were taken two days ago and this is some sort of a tribute to my ALL time favourite shirt that got lost at work. It might be stolen or gone with the wash of the hotel, but I'm pretty desperate because I LOVED that shirt.. what shirt? This one from Topshop...



Two weeks ago, I got my b´day present from Daphne and Ilse. I already told you what it was.. a dinner in Arnhem at Villa Sonsbeek, but ofcourse we did not just go out for dinner, but also for lunch, drinks and shopping!

@ Dudok

Coca Cola Light by JPG

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This may or may not be the most interesting post, but I couldn't leave to share this with the world. I had a truly OH MY GOD moment when I was surfing around the internet and came by..

These great chewing gum packages! More info about where to buy and what they have on the next page!




Today, Hemelvaart, a festive day in Holland and for SOME reason I don't know, people decided to go biking early in the morning a LONG, long time ago. And not early as in 08.00. No. Early as in 06.00. Luckily my mom(and family) decided to go around 11.00 which I didn't mind at all!

After 45 kilometers(really? yes, really!) of mountainbiking we went out for dinner at the Strandlodge! It isn't only a GREAT restaurant, but also a monument in Winterswijk, as it used to be a outside swimming pool that was renovated, after 10 years it opened as a swimming pool again and they also build a restaurant with it..

Click on read more for more information and the website!



Fleur just started her new webshop The Magic Wand! To promote her shop, she and I decided to do a little giveaway! Click on 'read more' for all the information!



Last weeks diary! I bought some new stuff, went to Arnhem with Daphne and Ilse and did some sporting, got great news and discovered a new lunchroom I've already been twice now! Let's see!



Because I passed my exam, I had to go to school yesterday, due to time management, I had a free hour to walk into the city centre of Apeldoorn and guess what, ZARA cought my eye. To be clear, this happens in every city, at every ZARA store.

The moment I wanted to walk out, I saw this dress hanging in the racks! PERRRRRFECT! Just the dress I was looking for for this summer. A bit hippy chic, but fashionable(floral print) and very, very sweet because of the subtile colours and detailed flowers..



As you might have seen and heard, Anna dello Russo has been designing for H&M. I can say that, just based on the first picture, it's the first collection I really LOVE, with all my heart. And my heart is not only loving, but when I see the picture(s), also bouncing at an unusual speed with all of these pretty accessoires on the pictures..

The clutches, sunglasses, bracelets and so on.. WOW. I'll be sleeping at any close H&M store that sells the items at least one night before the 4th of October! What about you?



I was looking into a new blog(for me it was a new blog, it is actually existing since quite a while), a Dutch one, http://www.desschrijft.nl/. I copied the BOLD words(and translated), changed some things and gave my answer..

What I think quietly: I want to live in Italy
What I did on Queensday: Work and drink 3 beers
Never drink again: Chinnoto by San Pellegrino
New challange: Speak Italian
Because: I want to live there and be able to communicate. not. in. english.
What I found out last week: I have to save more
So: I'll have to buy less shoes
Dilemma: Quit paying for the gym because I'm never going/just go to the gym
Dilemma on Monday: Where to go for lunch?
Book of the moment: Wij zijn ons brein(we are our brain)
Still to buy: Leather jacket
Musthave: Black heels, walkable
What people do not know from me: First question.
Cookies of the day: Macarons.
How does that work: Why do (some) people still think leggings are jeans?
What I think is asocial: Directors of charity foundations that get A LOT of money. IT IS CHARITY?
Rediscovered piece of clothing: H&M Trenchcoat
Anoying: That people say fashion is boring and unimportant
I can't: Dance
I really hoped: That I was taller, just 4 inches would have been great
I think a lot: What would Carrie Bradshaw wear?
And: I dream of a little restaurant.



A large one, as you can see! The passed two weeks I've been eating and drinking a lot, after those 5 days of yoghurt and soups I had to taste all the great food that was around me again..



A few weeks ago I told you that I won a Beats by Dre headphone with Qmusic and I recieved it at home a while ago, I JUST HAD TO MAKE PICTURES of the wonderfull device. Not only the box it comes in is
BIG, the headphone itself isn´t really . I carry it around pretty much everywhere, train, car, bike(which is stolen, but when I do get on a bike it's on my head), gym and when I'm walking and so on.. 

For more pictures..



Well, I hope this is the last time to say it, because after this week there won't be any stress left. IM SORRY for not posting almost two weeks!
1. Camera died(now I have to get my brothers camera very sneaky)
2. Exams, exams, exams..
4. It was my Birtday!

After giving the list above all the blame, I'll tell you the good news!
1. My mum has a GREAT phone, and when I see her today I'll let her take some pictures of my outfit
2. I'll show you my Birthday gifts and everything else I purchased these last 2 weeks because I can take pictures of those myself!
3. Lot of new clothes, even more inspiration for new outfits!
4. Working in the evening = time to shoot during the day!

To end.. a picutre of my birthday drink at Revolutie!


New in: MANGO

 When I had to go to school last week, I went an hour earlier to go to the town center of Apeldoorn and after I'd been in ALL stores, I went into Mango for a quick look. I spotted this blazer and fell in love with it, isn't the pastel pink color JUST what everybody needs this season?!



This is it, the day before yesterday I finally found the time to pick up my very own VOGUE Netherlands Collectors Edition that my friend Orsi purchased for me last week. I actually need it now, since 4 of my wisdom teeth were pulled out yesterday, and I'm not able to do anything but blogging and taking pictures of everything but myself. Well, I did actually took a picture of myself but it's NOT showable AT ALL. Click on 'Read more' to see some more pictures..



Remember my  newyears solutions? I wanted to show you an outfit at least twice a week, and you might have seen that that isn't working yet.. caused by a few things..BUT, I'm wearing a photo-worthy outfit pretty much everyday so why do I take no pictures?! Well. NO EXCUSE. I actually use a camera every day, which is my phone (nokia, old one) camera. Almost every picture is taken by that one and it's doing pretty well!


I'm alive..

After some sort of a week or maybe a bit more, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive. Last week I got some bad news, I didn't pass my exam and now I have to do it again, so a lot of time went into that.. although, I did some shopping, passed my drivers license test, and had amazing food that I hope to show you tonight! For now, a sneek peak..

Can you guess?!


Diary: Busy times..

Yes, again! Last week I had my last exams and had to work a lot as well. In Holland there is Restaurant week twice a year. You can eat 3 courses in a lot of restaurants over here for only 27,50, and I was working 5 days. VE-RY busy! The rest of the week, these things came to cross me on my way..

So, the week started with a great breakfast. My dad saved a dessert he made on Sunday. Sugarbread with raspberries, I guess it's a Dutch delight. Delicious to dip in a milk, cinnamon-egg mix and than bake in real butter! Top off with a little bit of sugar..

In the evening I was still working for school and my dad made this little Old Amsterdam and meat platter ... and when I was working for school, under the joy of Qmusic, I heard about the Beats by Dre competition and attended it.. guess what.. I WON!

I was travelling by train a lot and ate these Bits by Dorito's at the station and great memories came back to me. Me and my friends at high school were eating these EVERY single break for 0,35 cents. The bluekberry muffin was also caught by the travelling and to treat myself.. because friday, I finished my last exam!

My brother went on holiday to Austria last week and because he came back(with a lot of other family) we went out for dinner with everybody and I had a BIG portion of chocolat mousse, I dumped the whipped cream in my mum and aunt their coffees to make it a little less bad for my diet(which ofcourse isn't helping at all), mentally.

And than, last but CERTANLY not least, Marni for H&M. After 8 hours in the viritual waiting row I got trough and ordered the shoes, THE SHOES.  Quite worth the wait and I hope them to arrive home this week!

De week begon met een heerlijk ontbijtje. M'n vader had een dessert bewaard dat hij de dag daarvoor maarkte. Suikerbrood met frambozen. Super lekker als wentelteefje, mix melk, kaneel en ei, haal een plakje suikerbrood door het mengsel en bak het in roomboter..afmaken met een beetje suiker...

's Avonds was ik nog voor school bezig en maakte mijn vader dit bordje met Old Amsterdam en een worstje..en toen ik bezig was met school, onder het genot van Qmusic, hoorde ik van de Beats by Dre actie, ik deed mee.. EN WON! 

Vorige week was ik veel met de trein onderweg en at Bits by Dorito's op het station, het bracht superleuke herinneringen naar boven, op de middelbare school aten we deze elke pauze voor maar 0,35 cent! Oh, de blueberry muffin is ook veroorzaakt door het reizen met de trein..en ik kocht hem ook om mezelf te belonen want alles voor school was ingeleverd!

M'n broertje was op skivakantie naar Oostenrijk en om te vieren dat hij terug was(met natuurlijk de rest van de familie) gingen we uiteten! Ik nam een supergrote portie chocomouse, waarvan ik de slagroom bij m'n moeder en tante in de koffie loste om het geheel iets legaler te maken voor mijn dieet(wat NATUURLIJK geen enkele zin heeft), mentaal.

En dan, als laatste maar zeker niet het minste, Marni voor H&M. Na 8 uur in de virituele wachtrij kwam ik erdoor en bestelde ik DE schoenen! Het wachten waard en ik hoop dat ze deze week thuis arriveren!



KONY 2012.

I know, the first thing I tought when I saw the time this movie lasts was, OK, next! But when I quickly read the story about the movie and saw kony1012 was trending on Twitter, I tought it HAD to be something special. PLEASE PEOPLE. Watch this movie.

Kony is the leader of the LRA, an army of children. He started 20 years ago and kidnapped 30.000 children and forced them to kill their parents and other people. Not for any reason, just to have power. I truly believe that the world can get him, this year, with help of everybody!

After I've installed PayPall, I'll give myself at least one bracelet to show that I'm helping and telling the story. What are you doing?!

Ik weet het, het eerste dat ik dacht toen ik de tijd zag dat dit filmpje zou gaan duren was, OK, volgende! Maar toen ik heel kort het verhaaltje erover las en zag dat kony2012 trending topic op Twitter was, dacht ik dat het wel iets speciaals MOEST zijn. ALSJEBLIEFT, kijk dit filmpje.

Kony is de leider van de LRA, een leger van kinderen. Hij begon 20 jaar geleden en heeft nu zo'n 30.000 kinderen ontvoerd en hen gedwongen hun ouders en andere mensen te doden. Daar zit geen reden achter, hij wil gewoon macht. Ik geloof dat de wereld hem kan vinden en straffen met de hulp van iedereen.

Als ik zodadelijk PayPall geinstalleerd heb geef ik mezelf ten minste één armbandje om te laten zien dat ik help en om het verhaal te vertellen. Wat ga jij doen?!



Marni @ H&M

So, with 1 day and 23 hours left before launch, I'll share my petite list. On the day prior I'm actually working, so I hope that ..
1. I'm back home at 00.00 so I can order online
2. Still at work and order over there
3. Way too late so on to Utrecht to wait in line and hope for the best..

What I hope for?! These 2(yes, just 2) items..

photos H&M

There will probably be A LOT more who are hoping for these items..but maybe it's just meant to be. We'll see, and ofcourse, I'll let you know if I got anything!

Do you have any Marni @ H&M items on your wishlist?!

Nou, 1 dag en 23 uur voor de lancering van de collectie kon ik het niet laten mijn bescheiden lijstje met jullie te delen! Op de dag voor de lancering ben ik aan het werk.. dus ik hoop dat
1. Ik op tijd klaar ben zodat ik online kan bestellen om 00.00
2. We nog even aan het naborrelen zijn en ik daar even wegsneak om te bestellen
3. Veel te laat, door naar Utrecht om in de rij te wachten..

Er zullen vast heel veel meer meisjes zijn die deze items ook hopen te shoppen, misschien zijn ze voor me bestemd.. Nouja, we zien wel! En natuurlijk laat ik het weten als ik iets heb kunnen bemachtigen!

Heb jij al een lijstje met items van Marni @ H&M?

Lots of LOVE


Outfit: Shine, shine on..

So, yesterday some one (I won't call any names but it starts with a J and ends on etske.) forced me to put up some outfit posts, which ofcourse, is my desire as well. SO, here it is! Not the best shots(I guess they will come with a better camera and sunshine), I look a bit pale with no lips, on the second photo you'll see I actually have got them, haha!

H&M sequined shirt
ZARA coated jeans
ZARA suede anckle boots

Gister dwong iemand(ik noem geen namen maar het begint met een J en eindigt op etske) me een outfitpost online te zetten, wat ik natuurlijk zelf ook heel leuk vind. Dus, een outfitpost! Niet de beste foto's(die zullen vast wel komen met een betere camera en meer zon) want ik lijk een beetje witjes en het lijkt alsof ik geen lippen heb, hoewel in ze in de 2e foto toch duidelijk aanwezig zijn, haha! 
What do you think?!
Lots of LOVE!



WOAAAA! When I did my casual round of blogs last night, I stopped by The Blonde Salad as always but this time, I fell in love. O.M.G. I love the new Alexander Wang sandals!

They look so easy to walk on(which they probably aren't), they have different colours and are fashionable. To pay them I'll have to suffer for a while(they are a little less than my wage this month, 15 euros less to be exact, pretty good for some work in the weekend though) but anyhow, I'm up for it!

photo ww.theblondesalad.com

Love them as well?

Lots of love!

WOAAAH! Toen ik gisteravond mijn dagelijkse rondje blogs deed, kwam ik langs The Blonde Salad, zoals gewoonlijk. Deze keer werd ik verliefd. O.M.G. wat zijn ze prachtig, de nieuwe Alexander Wang sandalen!

Het lijkt alsof ze superlekker lopen(wat waarschijnlijk niet zo is), mooie kleuren en materialen en zijn bovenal fashionable. Om ze te kunnen betalen zal ik even moeten lijden (ze kosten bijna evenveel als mijn maandloon van januari, 15 euro minder, wat nog best oke is voor wat weekendwerk) maar dat heb ik er in ieder geval voor over!

Vind jij ze ook zo mooi?!


In love with..

Chanel nailpolish!

After my post about nailpolish, I tought I could do a special post about my(small) collection of Chanel nailpolishes. I would love to show you my whole nailpolish collection, but since I live with my mom and dad theres loads of nailpolish at both places(no idea where, big mess in both rooms) and before I find all of them..we'll probably be in March or April..

Chanel nagellak!

Na mijn post over mijn favoriete nagellakjes dacht ik, waarom niet één over mijn(kleine) Chanel nagellak collectie?! Ik zou graag m'n hele nagellak collectie laten zien..MAAR ik woon bij m'n vader én moeder en in beide huizen ligt een ladig(geen idee waar vanwege grote rotzooi in beide kamers) en voor ik die bij elkaar heb..zijn we waarschijlijk al in maart of april..



This week..

In pictures..

How would you like more lifestyle photo's in my diary!? Like what I did instead of just the food as I did today..

Last week was all about Valentine wasn't it?! My mum gave me a big can of pink/white/red jelly beans(sooooo English, I like!). The further week was ALL about school. I had a few exams(Dutch, English) and had to work on my Business Plan.

We went out for dinner as well. My mom, her boyfriend, my brother and I went to Frederik Hendrik in a town nearby. They have a new concept since two months, the plates are filled with small dishes so you can taste everything on the menu, I started with..SUSHI!

Than the weekend was already there! Friday I painted and glittered my Converse shoes. I still have to do the details so they will be online very soon!

Saturday I had to work and than..SUNDAY! First, I had a high tea at my friend Els for her birthday, as always, the food was AMAZING, nothing less for the drinks ofcourse. Than in the evening..I was snowwhite at the Dutch Carnaval! I looooved my little dress! You?

Monday morning, look what I found in the fridge, fresh strawberries. Not the best taste yet but just to get the feel of spring/summer..


Keep calm and..

have some food?!

Last monday my exams started and it is SO much more work than I thought! Sometimes I had to treat myself with a little(LOT) of chocolat or a nice sandwich..wanna see?!

 My dad is leaving his job soon, so there was a 'goodbye party' at our place and dad made some amazing treats. Can you see he's a chef?!

 When it was REALLY cold, my mum wanted to drop me of at the train station, but we were 15 minutes early. Luckily McDonalds is RIGHT next to the station, so we had a lovely coffee!

 After a loooong day at school I treated myself with a nice bath, and yes, those are chocolat eggs, a bit early, but the biggest guilty pleasure EVER! And than..the books, LOVE LETTERS I and LOVE LETTERS II, with love letters written by Napoleon and other famous men and woman!

 Bad photo, but anyway, this is what EVERY weekday night looks for me the next 4 weeks, how about my computer mouse?!

 Floor, my classmate, and me, were at school on a Saturday last week, in our break we went to Bagels&Beans and both had a sandwich with goats cheese, LOVE!

And on our way back they were spreading the new pringles at stations and in town centres, lucky day?!

My excuses for the lack of posting, tomorrow I'll try to take some outfit photo's!

Lots of love!


The ´Burgundy´ babe!

When I saw Isabella her Style Report from Social Morphose I started to follow them on Facebook and today, a style report about me was online! They putted up a real nice story as well, which is in Dutch, but I translated it as well! Thank you Social Morphose!

Carlijn, ‘The Burgundy Babe’. Je doet me een beetje op Nigella Lawson denken. Met volle teugen geniet jij van ‘food and fashion’. Voor jou dan ook deze ‘yummie’ outfit.

De dieppaarse a-symetrische rok in combinatie met de creamy top, turquoise purse, tangerine boyfriend blazer en belt zijn stuk voor stuk om je vingers bij af te likken. Samen met de watertandend mooie armbanden en ‘eye candy’ platform heels zal jij overal waar je verschijnt van de zomer een zoete inval zijn.

Carlijn, the ´Burgundy´ babe! You make me think of Nigella Lawson. You enjoy fashion and food to the fullest! That´s why I putted you in this ´yummy´ outfit!

The deep purple a-symetric skirt in combination with the creamy top, turquoise purse, tangerine boyfriend blazer and belt are yummy pieces for the eye! Toghether with the stunning bracelets and platforms you'll be a super sweet sensation!

1. Topshop Tangerine Boyfriend Blazer
2. Dorothy Perkins Ivory Zip Pocket Minimal tee
3. Urban Outfitters Evil Ywin Violet Omen Tail Skirt
4. Gucci 3156 Beige RVS FM Sunglasses
5. Burberry Prorsum Kingfisher Bag
6. Roberta Chiarella Coral Social Stretch Bracelet
7. Aurelie Bidermann Braided Bracelet
8. Bauble Bar Grape Colorblock Bangle
9. Modcloth Time after Time Bracelet
10. ASOS Metal Keeper Skinny Patent Orange Belt
11. Marcos Multi colored platform shoe
12. Nigella Lawson Feast Cook book
13. Essie Nailpolish, Bahama Mama, a warm, rich, creamy deep plum


Little List..

This time, a list with my favourite trends!

1. Skinny jeans!
I remember a Dutch artist on Idols sayin´ ´I would NEVER wear one of those ´carrot´ pants
1´. Well, I saw her last year and I bet she has about 20 in her closet. Anyhow I actually was with her at the time. But since I got a skinny jeans, I NEVER wanted something else and will never say some trend is ugly or that I would never wear it. You can find me in any colour or type. Coated, pink, black, with and without zippers, heels or sandals.. you name it!

2. Hats!
Again, 3 years ago I thought Í´d never buy a hat, but I looooove them now. I´m planning to buy a JOSH V hat next season!

3. Sequins
Totally in love. I was quite late on this one actually. First I thought they were a bit over the top, but now I wear my sequined shirt a LOT. A sequined dress, clutch and maybe a skirt or hotpants are on my list!

4. Skirts
Guess it´s not a trend, but still. Anyhow, something I also discovered just yet! Since my Topshop skirt I didn´t buy another, but now, I see SO MUCH nice ones that I really love, and I´m already thinking about which ones and combinating them..bad isn´t it

5. (biker)Boots
BIG like for them! I´m still saving a bit for the ZARA ones, the black ones with black studs. Rough, but detailed and wearable everyday. Since the dark green ones I can´t think of a better kind of shoe(apart from the high heel ofcourse) that´s better to combinate! Skirts, jeans, dresses, shorts, everything is possible!

What is your favourite trend?


Last week..

This week, I was travelling a LOT for school, my exams start next Monday, and to get the last points, all my classmates and me were doing some workshops!

1. I organised a workshop with Daals Traiteurs/Daals Keurslager(Catering company) and at the end of the workshop, we got a little goodie bag with a little cook book, a very Dutch sausage: 'Rookworst' and a 'Boerke' which is a dried sausage with a special ingredient(one of my all time favourites!)

2. Today I went to school for nothing, the teacher I needed, wasn't at school, so I decided to buy myself a nice cup of tea(needed, it was -10 C.) to survive the trip home.

3. Working for cán be nice, we were treated with these sandwiches!

4. Very bad! I'm trying to watch my weight a bit, but I couldn't resist this fresh waffle..

5./6. My classmate bob also organised a workshop with wineseller Kroese in Epe.