I've decided not to buy anything for a while, normally, I buy almost everything I like(if payable), and found it was time for a little shop stop

There is a reason for this..and that's not only this wishlist, but I'm saving for a car as well!

Just to let you know, a few items high ranked on my wishlist!

- Louis Vuitton Speedy
- Chanel Summer nailpolish
- Supertrash sandals
- Marc By Marc Jacobs headphone

And since I'm 'Cheating on fashion with furniture'(thank you Carrie Bradshaw), a little wishlist with things for my new bedroom:)

- Coffeetable books; Chanel, LINDA., Influence and others
- Fitting dolls
- Shoe rack
- Pictureframes(A LOT!)

Loads of L

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