Jah-Jah & Shake

I love to combine my big clear blue ring or my pink heels with a black outfit or my Mi Moneda necklace to make any outfit look more luxurious. Accessoires make every outfit look better, if you don't over do it.

Since we're talking about accessoires, I spotted a new brand, and wanted to show a brand I love. Both bracelet brands.

Starting with the newer one, Shake bracelets. The United Nations made up some goals to lower the poverty in the world with 50% in 2015. With buying these bracelets, made by African woman, you help the world and UN to reach this goal. The UN made up 8 goals and you will help goal 1, 3 and 8 immideatly with buying the bracelet(s).

More info: www.shaketheworld.org

Now, on with Jah-Jah.

These colourfull lucky bracelets are made in Brazil, when you buy them at www.jah-jah.nl you'll support child abuse in asian countries. Nice to wear one, but also to wear 3 or 5 colours together.

Every colour has a meaning, from friendship to love. From energy to wisdom.

The bracelets are to purchase from €4,95 at www.jah-jah.nl

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