Pretty lonely

Everybody probably knows the feeling of coming home after a day of school, a vacation or long day of work. The moment you step in the door you feel safe, warm and confident. And I miss that feeling a lot.
You normally step in the door, put your jacket or coat somewhere and grab yourself a drink and snack and do whatever you want and see when someone is coming home.

Now, I walk up to my room where no one is waiting and I know no one will come in at any time. Put my jacket on something because there's no hanger, take my working clothes off, put something else on and, as always, I sit around my desk in front of my laptop. There I am. Sitting in front of my desk, every single evening. I love the days that I'm off and walk around the city by myself. Sometimes I read a book. But on Fridays and Saturdays it's pretty lonely when the boys are working, everyone in Holland is party'ing and seeing other people, it's the worse. Than I'm feeling alone sometimes and write things like this down.

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