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I always saw the bottles, but never knew the story behind it. 94 Wines is a brand that makes buying and tasting wine easier, and the bottles are very shophisticated!

94 wines makes quality wines with a timeless twist with bottles to remember. Every bottle has it's own number and bar code, so if you know the number of the bottle you like(d), you can't go wrong and another goot thing...
You can scan the bar code and post or email it to your friend so they know what wine you like!

To test which wine you might like, there's a test on their website which chooses four wines. Of course, I tried it, and the outcome was:

#1 White wine 'Crispy'
#23 Red wine 'Full'
#41 Sparkling wine 'Sparkling
#5 Rose wine 'Fresh'

I have to say I love the bottles, and since they are for sale at 'De Bijenkorf' I think I might pop over there to try some of those gorgeous bottles, but ofcourse, they are also for sale online.

For the test, wine and more, www.94wines.com


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