Supertrash, The Giftbox

And there it is! The Supertrash giftboox. When I came back from my traineeship, I came up to my bedroom and there it was! The box by itself is very, very nice! Re-usable as storage for magazines, shoes or other things..

Well, here comes the exiting part, what's in it?! This box was a promotion, €49,95, and you won't know what's in it untill you open the box..I was happily surprised!

In the box was:
- My Brand/Supertrash T-shirt, nice with a blazer, black jeans and heels
- A tubedress with a gorgeous print
- L'oreal hair products
- Hyki bracelet(which goes very good with my Mi Moneda necklace)
- Blue nailpolish by Herome
- Supertrash the magazine

I am very happy that I took this gamble! Interested in the box yourself? Order the box here:


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