Food Diary #1

Having a dad who's a chef/manager in a catering company and a mom managing 2 restaurants and a party centre made me into a little food moster. I'm working in restaurants since I was 14, so I see and saw a lot of food. I love to go out for dinner or lunch or just for a drink and also love to cook and bake myself.. Let's see what we've got!

1. I made a 18th b'day cake for one of my BFF's Daphne
2. At Starbucks Barcelona last week when I was in Spain with Linda
3. Pink macaroons with raspberries and strawberries made by Raymond, chef at the restaurant I work
4. Half a watermelon at Blanes beach, last week
5. Great pink cupcake at funpark 'Efteling', couldn't resist!
6. One of my favorite sandwiches at 'De Revolutie', with filet american, egg, rucola and red onion.

See you soon xoxo

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  1. Wij zitten duidelijk op één lijn!! Ziet er echt heerlijk uit allemaal, vooral die prinsessencupcake hihi :)