Shoplog; Clutches

The only clutch I had was a taupe coloured one, purchased at Primark about 8 months ago, when I was in the UK. Than my friend Daphne, who ALWAYS finds perfect items, showed me her new purchase. It was an amazing clutch/little bag, bought at ‘Sjuul’, a local store. It was that bad, that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The minute I could, I ran to the store and saw the bag. I couldn’t resist getting two. A pink one(ofcourse), and a black one. The bag is vĂ©ry classy and simple, but the fringe-zipper makes it special. There’s a little place with a zipper inside to put your phone or cards as well so it’s big enough to carry all of your stuff around!

Many thanks to Daphne for the tip! <3

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