I won!

With supplying for the Welikefashion.com battle, I won the bobble! There's a day winner everyday, and I was one of them!

The bobble is a waterbottle(with bobbly curves)that has a filter in the lid, so you have the best possible water. We already had one of those filtering water cans at home so I was thinking about buying one, when I got the great news that I won one! The filter works about 300 times and after that, you can buy a new filter in a different colour if you like!
I'll be using it while running and I have it right next to me while working the blog!

What do you think about the Bobble?! And what will you be using it for?
Available in loads of different colours on www.welikefashion.com

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  1. Probably one of the coolest things ever!

    Kristen | Stylish in Sequins

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