Starting again from...

NOW! A few months ago, my healthy food program sort of failed because of the extreme business at work and starting every day at 10 in the morning. I had to hurry in the morning so there wasn't time to take my yoghurt and crackers to work. So white bread it had to be.

From now, my health weeks are back on track. I'll bring the next things to work:
- Yoghurt
- Fresh pressed juice
- Fruit
- Crackers

I'll go for less sugar an chocolat and a good meal in the evening with vegetables and chicken, fish or beef so I won't eat anything after that anymore. Ofcourse my workouts are back in the scedule, running again. All to eat more consequent and live a healthier lifestyle.(sounds as it comes from one of those magazines)

Photos by me.

The first breakfast with;
Orange juice
Bowl of yoghurt with apples

All in my Blond Amsterdam crockery, to shop at www.blond-amsterdam.nl

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