A large one, as you can see! The passed two weeks I've been eating and drinking a lot, after those 5 days of yoghurt and soups I had to taste all the great food that was around me again..

Top to bottom, right to left..

San Pellegrino Arancita. WHAT A DRINK! There's no drink(accept for soooome cocktails) I like more than this one. It was presented on a water tasting I attended at work and since that day I can't say NO anymore!

Easter. My stepniece(yes, stepniece, is that a word?) and I were hiding chocolat eggs for our cousins and other nieces on our high heels and in dresses.. this as result

Lunch. With Anne. My colleage for 4 months now and I guess I can tell we work and eat and laugh and drink very well together!

Marbell. Taken from her back last week. New riding boots, so I had to go and ride! Tomorrow I'll be on her back again. EXITEMENT.

Linda. My friend who lives in Enschede(and through that, I don't see her much) was at home for a week because her knee is pretty dead and she sat inside for a week so I took her out for some pie!

Cake pops. Part 1. On my very onw B'day I baked about 70 with help of Daphne! When we were very busy, a postman came and brought in a BIG box. What came out? A BIG BALLOON from Daphne and Ilse!

Cake pops. Part 2. I always celebrate my B'day twice. At my mums and my dads place..

Breakfast. At HEMA. €1,- NO JOKE! This was with Linda(and Miranda) again, we did this three days in a row..

Finally, Daphne and Ilse! Those who have sent me the balloon. This was last Saturday when we were going out!

Lunch. With mum and aunt Gera. Best Club Sandwich in town.

Iced Tea. Fresh. Pomgranate. I LOVE.

Lunch. On my B'day. My mum came to pick me up, I was wearing nothing special(just came out of bed) and than she turned the car and took me to some sort of a chique place. Luckily I know the people over there and so they know what I look like normally (a).

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