Pictures! Finally a 'normal' phone again. It's a Blackberry again so I can take pictures and email them to myself. Only FB is not working yet but hey, I've got a laptop, right!?

The first week with my phone.. and this is what happened!

 Having macarons and coffee with Anne
Riding Marbell
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 Walking Zorro
 Dinner with the girls after a soccer tournament. We had to do 5 15 minute games and we lost all(not that strange when you know that we played in hockey skirts, we didn't have a real goal keeper and only 3 of us ever played soccer before) but we decided to celebrate the GREAT day with a dinner at Revolutie!
 GOAN ETTEN! This is a concept we do at work. It's only 5 times in summer. The 3rd one was in an old windmill and wood storage place in a small town. Everybody eats on the same table, the same menu!
 What's left to say?!
 My friend(and colleague) Anne was on medication for a week and that means no alcohol, as you can see, she's off off them now and we celebrated!
 Once a month. Really.
 Soooooooo wrong but sooooooo good. Magnum GOLD
 My dinner after soccer, nachos with cheese and guacamole!
Two weeks ago I hosted a Orange Babies charity breakfast, and whats a party without bubbles?! Yes, even at 10.00 in the morning!

What did you do?! Oh, and next week will be a lot healthier(I have actually told you guys that some times, but this time I'm really going to because holiday(in 2 months) is running after me and my belly isn't as flat as I want it to be yet). I already bought some fresh smoothies and teas. I'll get fruit tomorrow and start working out again on Saturday!
See you soon!

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