Family fun..

Me, mom, Robbert in London

Me and the brothers at home.

Me and the brothers - Ibiza 2009

I've got two houses, in one I'm in a family of three people, my mom, my brother Robbert and me.
When I'm at my mom's, we're going out for lunch almost everyday, do some great cooking, baking and watch tv in front of the fireplace. We like to watch movies and just have cosy nights. We're with 3 at home, but there are mostly more people joining us for dinner, my aunt with the children cause my uncle is travelling all over the world for work, same as my mothers friend Gera and her kids. Food is such a big thing in my life, just because it's connecting and you've got time to talk about everything that's going on in life and hear what others do! When my mum is working, me and my brother are happy to eat where she's managing!

In the other house we're with six, my dad, my stepmom Jolanda, my stepbrothers Tom and Mike and my brother Robbert.

We're living with six since April last year, and because it's a bit of a men's house, we're still designing my bedroom and the new bathroom so everyone has it's own. The best days of the week at my dad's are Sat- and Sunday, I mostly go out for a lunch with my stepbrother Mike and do some shopping afterwards. After my stepmom returns from her grosery shopping we mostly crush the couch with some Ben&Jerry's. Sundays we mostly watch the Sundaynight TV-shows with a large platter of Old Amsterdam, salmon, filet american,(home made) cocktail and garlic sauce, fresh baguettes, and thin slices of Italian sausage. We're always sitting there with 6-10 people and having a good time with wine and those little snacks above!

Those are just little family thing's I'm missing while I'm in UK. Good thing that the shopping is MUCH better out here!

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