I was working today and in my break I wanted to check if I got any postcards or Christmas cards..and than, I got a very beautifull 'Pip Studio for TNT' box, as you can see on the picture!

I was trying to keep myself from opening it but my collegues wanted to know what was in there as well, so we opened it anyway, it was from my mom, brother and my mothers best friends! I tought maybe a letter and a little present, but it was loaded with little gifts!
A few were wrapped in see-trough paper and two other ones were wrapped with normal paper so I left those wrapped, so I can open them tomorrow in the evening, when it's really Christmas!

The things I got(which I unwrapped);
- H√ľnkemoller socks
- 2 very pretty angels
- Jingle bells with a 'Merry Christmas' sign
- 'Bijenkorf' giftcard
- Sweet snowman lollypop

I'll show you what else I got tomorrow!

Many thanks to Mum, Robbert, Gera and Joke!


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