Shopping in London

I was looking forward to go to London again for a long time, last time was in the end of November so it became time to go again. First, I went to Harrods to purchase some Ladurée macarons. Than, I was at ZARA and saw the most beautifull boots. They are some higher as ankle boots, about 10 cm. higher, have 13,5 cm. heels and are black suéde. I'm truly in love with them and they're shining in my room.

Other things I bought today:
- Smart trousers with zippers
- 'Boyfriend' shirt with OMG printed on it
- Panter printed wallet
- Panter printed-butterfly armed top in grey-black

I was surprised about myself because I normally buy LOTS of accessoires when I go shopping and I didn't even buy one.

There will be a LOT of 'look of the day' updates from 18th of February!
Hope you guys like the boots as well!


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