Shoplog 17-01-2011

Benefit Cosmetics gave me a great offer last week when I was in the store; a free make-up lesson!

So, I was in town today and went there for my (free) make-up lesson. The very friendly Becca, who was helping me last week, showed me a LOT of products. She did my full face make-up.
Started with a new product, called 'porefessional' and a concealer. My skin felt great after that already, it was SO soft! Than there was 'girl meets pearl', a raspberry smelled/gold-pink shiny cream. After that, she told me that I didn't need it, but she putted some 'foundation faker' on my skin. It may look a lot of make-up already, but everything was very soft and it was not very obvious that I wore make-up. Than se asked if I wanted to try some party make-up.
She used a palet, it was 'big bright eyes'. There's concealer and 3 colours of eye shadow in it to make brown smokey eyes. Since I saw the store a few months ago I was in love with the brand, but since I use it, it's even better! And, they had a great offer today as well, when you buy something after a make-up lesson, you can choose to get a eyeshadow or lipstick for free.

What I have:
- Browzings. Great product. It's a palet with a brown wax and brown powder, the wax shapes your brow and the powder colours it, mix it; great combination! There are two brushes and a little tweezerman pincet in the palet as well.
-Girl meets pearl. A pink raspberry smelled cream with a golden touch. Great for under/as foundation
- Highbrow. After you put on all your make-up, use this pencil to create a brighter look by making a line under your eyebrow.
-Creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner. I got this one for free. It's a creamy feeling eye shadow that lasts all day!

I also couldn't resist to take a look at the new Topshop collection last week. It's not very special but it has some great pieces. I saw a ring the other day and I could not stop thinking about it, so I went back to the store and got it today. Unfortunatly I can't take a pictur, but is BEAUTIFULL.

I also bought some nailpolish and liquid eyeliner at Topshop. :)

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