It's crazy. Everybody would love to travel, work at the hotel I work, make new friends from other country's and enjoy the time. Now, I'm back here in Luton and start to feel sad and homesick again. Time went much faster than I tought in the beginning. I can go home 20 days earlier than planned, there are already 4 months and 6 days gone and only 40 days left. Still, I only think of and can't wait 'till I'm back home. What sport will I start? What would my next traineeship (in my hometown) be like?

I would recommand everybody to do a traineeship in another country, and it is and was good for me. But I can't wait 'till I'm on that plane home on the 18th of February and never have to return. I'm VERY glad that my dad will visit me in 20 days, because it feels a little like home again ánd it's only 20 days from than. I was off yesterday and I started to pack some things I don't need in the next 40 days. I can tell you that it feels really good.
Another good thing, I'm nervous about my exam, which is on the 7th/8th on February, a week after my dad gets here. I HAVE to send my assignments before Tuesday otherwise I won't pass my exams, so the days will be going pretty quick because I'm stressed. There will fall something off of my shoulders after the date I send everything.

Now, I'm glad that I've written this down and feel a little bit better.

Love xoxo

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