I was looking into a new blog(for me it was a new blog, it is actually existing since quite a while), a Dutch one, http://www.desschrijft.nl/. I copied the BOLD words(and translated), changed some things and gave my answer..

What I think quietly: I want to live in Italy
What I did on Queensday: Work and drink 3 beers
Never drink again: Chinnoto by San Pellegrino
New challange: Speak Italian
Because: I want to live there and be able to communicate. not. in. english.
What I found out last week: I have to save more
So: I'll have to buy less shoes
Dilemma: Quit paying for the gym because I'm never going/just go to the gym
Dilemma on Monday: Where to go for lunch?
Book of the moment: Wij zijn ons brein(we are our brain)
Still to buy: Leather jacket
Musthave: Black heels, walkable
What people do not know from me: First question.
Cookies of the day: Macarons.
How does that work: Why do (some) people still think leggings are jeans?
What I think is asocial: Directors of charity foundations that get A LOT of money. IT IS CHARITY?
Rediscovered piece of clothing: H&M Trenchcoat
Anoying: That people say fashion is boring and unimportant
I can't: Dance
I really hoped: That I was taller, just 4 inches would have been great
I think a lot: What would Carrie Bradshaw wear?
And: I dream of a little restaurant.

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