Well, guys, WHAT a week! For the first time in 9 months, I had to go back to school this week. I promise to post the Tuesday List and Thursday Movie tomorrow!

Last Saturday, 'fox hunting'. A big thing in the town I live. Especially for horse riders and lovers. So, what brings me there? I've been horseriding for 6 years in my younger years(and after Saturday, I think I'll pick it up again) and still can't get enough of horses. So, what do they do?

A team of runners take a cloth, soaked in fox scents(think of things you don't want to think about) for about two weeks, they take the cloth, run around over fields and trough the woods and the dogs will follow the scent. What do the horses do then? Just run after the dogs. Such a great view!

Ohh I'll stop the talking and won't keep you from looking at the pictures.

Thank the sun for the look on my face, haha!

Henk, his great horse and me\
Time to feed the hardworking dogs!

ZARA jeans
UGG boots
? t-shirt
H&M jacket

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  1. Aaahhh leuk! Ik heb het nog nooit gezien, maar het klinkt echt altijd geweldig!