Shoe shopping part TWO.

photos by me with Kodak EasyShare

Remember the Shoe dilemma? I had a lot of help from Isabella, from Chic Fashionfreak! She lives in Spain(where ZARA items cost a bit less) and brought me this shoes when she came in Holland last weekend, how sweet!

And now the drama. They didn't fit! Normally I always wear a size 37 but they were too small. So what do you do when they come from Spain(different price)? Well, lucky as I was, ZARA Amsterdam had no problems with changing them to another size, so here they are. And now shining on my 'pretty shoe shelf'.

Can't wait to wear them next Saturday!

Lots of

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  1. Jeeeejjj :) Ze zijn echt zo mooi!
    Ben heel benieuwd naar de outfitpost hihi!