Little List

Food. I like it so much that I guess that it became my 'hobby'...

everything over there is amazing, tea, service, macarons, cupcakes, little tartes..

2. Breakfast at a good restaurant or hotel
such a good start, it will make me happy on the most cloudy and rainy days!
3. Vitello Tonato (at places I know they make the best)
tuna mayonaise with veal. i like mine with pesto, parmesan and sun dried tomatoes..

4.  Fish & Chips
only in the UK, on friday, with cocktailsauce

5. Deer.
can't get enough.

What are your favourite things to eat?

Lots of

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  1. Ohhh lekkerrr! Wanneer kan ik langskomen voor jouw vitello tonato? Want die klinkt errug goed!