Little List

I'll have to bring some structure into my blog, which started with the Thursday Movie, and now the Little List on Tuesday!

Things that make me VERY happy; while I don't even think about that while it's happening.

1. My great friends, always there to talk, eat, drink, dance or just hang out and say nothing.

2. My family getting together, like today. We eat, drink and talk a lot, and even though we don't see eachother very much, it always feels great! 

3. When my aunt is cooking. EVERYTHING she makes tastes good.

4. Unplanned shopping. Isn't that the best thing ever?

5. Sleeping. Just love it.

Today made me very happy because I can tell that all things above came on my path today! Starting with a breakfast with Linda, followed by tea and muffins with Linda, Daphne and Ilse, went on to the birthday of my nephew and niece and ate the best food ever over there(pasta's, couscous, risotto and her signature salads). On our way back, me and dad came by IKEA and stopped by, I bought some picture frames and book standard and while I was laying in my bed I couldn't stop thinking about the great day I just had!  

Sleep well lovelies!

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