Busy, busy, busy!

Hello darlings!

As you have seen, I haven't been blogging since last Wednesday. Pretty much because I was still doing exams at school! Only tomorrow is left and than..at least two weeks off school, but some work and partying to do, which is GREAT ofcourse! I'll do some Christmas shopping this week and hope people will do the same for me(a), but giving a great gift is the best thing ever, isn't it?

Well, before I show you a few movies which I really like, I'll show you a new one on my wishlist..or maybe more than one!

- Gossip Girl DVD box season 1-4..or just season 4, can't get enough of the fashion, lifestyle, pretty people and ofcourse PARIS!

- Waterproof, shockproof and doing a great job(I guess)(I'll wait for Annemerel to get back from her holiday and showing her finds about it). I think it will be a good first camera and I hope that this baby will be mine very soon.
Since I'm starting my new job from the 1st of January, I think I will give myself this gift which is affordable and good looking, and totally one of my kind, since I'm a biiiiit clumsy.

Now, time for the movie! I'm getting into Christmas, with the tree in both houses(mom and dad), chocolat and Christmas coockies laying around all over the place and, ofcourse, the snow, which is falling right at this moment..

With this song I'm feeling ready for it(accept for the outfit)!

How are you celebrating Christmas?!

Lots of love!

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  1. Oooeee was het echt aan het sneeuwen vanmiddag???
    En ik heb ook zoveel zin in vakantie en kerstttt <3
    Ik kan dus ook weer outfit pics van je verwachten binnenkort? ;)