Food diary!

I ate A LOT this week. Crazy.

1. Busy week at work, and what do we do when we're busy? Fast food.
Chips with (diet)coke

2. At work again. I had to make a little cheese dish and this is the result, cuuuute right?

3. After dinner at work. Coffee and chocolat.

4. Macarons, not the 'real' ones, but Kasper Paul, a bakery and pattisier in town sells them and they are pretty good.

5. Kniepertjes, a Dutch delight. Use a waffle iron, make the dough and roll them up while warrm, tadaaaa!

6. The local fruit and vegetable supplyer of every restaurant in and around Winterswijk. Their gift to their costumers this year wasn't the standard calendar but this lovely cake!

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