Little List! (but a little longer)

Today was my last school day of 2011, and I'm very glad it was. As sleeping as one of my favourite things(very guilty pleasure, I would love to be one of those people who wake up at 9 at a day off and just step out of bed. Discipline needed?) I'm going to catch the sleep I need these weeks and take loads of outfit pictures to show you!

Anyhow, back to lists. My favourite things that happened this year!

- Coming back home from 6,5 months in the UK in February
I bet you can imagine, but the shopping was WAY better

- Blanes with Linda
Party destination in Spain for a lot of Dutchies

- Soldaat van Oranje
A Dutch musical but so, so, so amazing. Turning stage ánd seats, great actors and the best location. And ofcourse, the best company..family!

- Mom bringing back Ladurée macarons from Paris
Yes, I get very happy of those pretty ones, the real Ladurée taste, the box, the bag, the feeling.

 - My new job 
I'm starting in January, but I'm VERY happy with it already

- Dinner at Solo

- All dinners, cookies, 'knakbroodjes', chocolat, drinks, crisps, train and bus rides, shopping, skyping, texting, facebooking, blogLOVING and lunches with and from the girls
Thank you girls! Daphne, Linda, Ilse, Joyce, Leonie, Nickay, Nathal, Miranda, Janitte and Marleen

- Chic Fashionfreak.
Gosh, I'm sooooo sentimental but just have to name that I like to be 'back' in contact!

- Getting more confident about wearing things
just do it

- Getting back to sports. I joined the gym last month!

What are your favourite things or moments of last year!?

Lots of love!

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