Christmas day!

Sorry guys, still no outfit posts, but some pictures of what I did this Christmas, and there are more to come!
My SD card is not broken, but my own laptop doesn't read it anymore, so I'll do my best to get it fixed ASAP. Now, on to the pictures?

1. The gifts under the tree at my moms place.
2. Breakfast at Christmas day
3. Starry candlelights
4. The present to myself, a nacklace with a lot of little stars
5. My brother gave a coin for my Mi Moneda necklace
6. The Clinique products my mom gave me

More photos to come!
Lots of love!

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  1. Ohh wat ziet dat er gezellig uit!
    Vind vooral de munt met La Dolce Vita heel erg mooi, goeie tekst! Lief van je broertje :)