Shoe dilemma

I'll write a post soon about why I'll buy some things this coming time. Anyhow, just to have your opinion, which I do need...WHICH PAIR?

My black MANGO heels from last year are completely destroyed after I wore them a year, and everything in my closet is pretty much combinatable(is this a word?) or ís black, I need(well, need is a big word) some new black ones. 

The top ones are from ZARA. I love the special heel and the complete design of the shoe. With a 12,5 cm. heel they will make me 1,72 and I guess thats enough for a party!

Bottoms are Topshops. Another love, it glitters, that, in combination with a 13,5 cm. heel does make them more unwearable(see last question), but more pretty too. 

ZARA                           Topshop
Wearable                   Less than ZARA
Heel is perfect           Glitter
Hight is good            'Sit-heels'
€49,90                        €71,-(excl. delivery costs)

What would you do?

1 opmerking:

  1. Hmmm, ik zou toch wel echt voor de Zara's gaan!
    Ik denk dat ze in het algemeen makkelijker te combineren zijn, je kunt ze vaker aan, en ik vind die hak echt geweldig!
    Daarnaast vind ik zara schoenen altijd wel lekker lopen, en ze zijn natuurlijk goedkoper :)