Last weeks diary! I bought some new stuff, went to Arnhem with Daphne and Ilse and did some sporting, got great news and discovered a new lunchroom I've already been twice now! Let's see!

To tell you what I did last week starting from Queensday.. I've been working a LOT, but I LOVE my job so that actually isn't a problem(99% of the time). And since I work with my newest friend Anne(who loves food, shopping, wine and going out just as much as I do), it's getting better anyway, and that's what brings us to the second photo! Anne introduced me to 'Met Liefde'/ www.metliefde.nu in Doetinchem. We couldn't choose what to have so we asked if we could share two. The AMAZING Robbert, chef and owner of the place, already cut our sandwiches in half! (There's a post coming up about this definite HOTSPOT everybody has to see)

Back on earth, picture one I bought a new bracelet on www.modemusthaves.com! First reaction I got(by my mum):'are you getting into the kinky side?' No mum, this is fashionable, because its a K.O. of the Hermes Collier le Chien bracelet. (She got it after I showed her the real one)

My friends Daphne and Ilse gave me a dinner at 'Villa Sonsbeek' for my B'day. The restaurant is based in Arnhem, so we went there at 11.00 and did some shopping, had lunch, pie, macarons, bread with aioli, lots of pellegrino and than(yes, AFTER all of this) we went to dinner. Picture three shows Daphne and me with a glass of bubbles!

Picture 4. Oh my! I was going through my daily round of blogs last week and saw this Blue Blood jeans on www.annemerel.com and when I saw it was still available in my size I couldn't leave it in sale! Oh and I'm rather happy that I fit in a 26! (Another reaction from mum:'only a whip is needed to finish it off!')

Not the most clear photo, when I'm talking about the fifth one, but definetly the sweetest one! My colleagues congratulated me with passing my exam with this bottle of prosecco and flacons of shower gel!

Last but not least, on photo #6 you see my wierd addiction. I REALLY love these surprise eggs, after dark chocolate, these are the perfect ones, brown and white chocolat mixed. The toys lay around everywhere in my car..

What did YOU do?! 

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