Today, Hemelvaart, a festive day in Holland and for SOME reason I don't know, people decided to go biking early in the morning a LONG, long time ago. And not early as in 08.00. No. Early as in 06.00. Luckily my mom(and family) decided to go around 11.00 which I didn't mind at all!

After 45 kilometers(really? yes, really!) of mountainbiking we went out for dinner at the Strandlodge! It isn't only a GREAT restaurant, but also a monument in Winterswijk, as it used to be a outside swimming pool that was renovated, after 10 years it opened as a swimming pool again and they also build a restaurant with it..

Click on read more for more information and the website!

Above, you see the atmosphere of Strandlodge. We decided to go for the 4 course surprise menu and this is what we had..

1. Everything tomato. From icecream to salad
2.Fillet of harder with vegetables in a sauce of butter and white wine
3. Veal with red wine sauce yellow carrot and beetroots and a macaron of butter
4. Everything strawberry, exept for the lemon icecream

For more information Strandlodge take a look on their website and make a reservation or go by for lunch!

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