Sylvia's Secrets

Well, to be honest, I didn't follow Sylvia Geerssen, one of the most talked-about model in Holland, that much last year, I knew she was in rehab, but I didn't knew she was designing a great shoe collection in collaboration with Shick*. This is actually the second time she's working for them, after a break up lasting a year, she's back! And after the break up there was the great make up collaboration!

The collection is actually love at first sight, anyway, for me it is. Lovely colours that will probably spice up my shoe collection any moment between now and a month. 

So, here it is! I'm loving the boots, but I'm not sure about the pumps yet, I would like to know the heel height. For the boots, it doesn't matter. Height is good, great shape, nice to walk on during the day, a night out or to wear with a great dress to a party. 

Since my party season is starting pretty much from now, with loads of celebrations, dinners, nights out and 'daytrips', I think I'll order both pairs of the boots(which are also available in Cognac) and I'll check the stores for the pumps. 
Wouldn't leave it for the price, the booties are only €49,99 and pumps €39,99

What is your opinion about the collection? 
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