New in: BEAUTY.

When my dad came home from a short trip to Spain, he brought me a new fragrance! It's 'CK IN2U' by Calvin Klein. I love the simple but chic bottle with the big CK initials, which are my initials as well.

Coco is back in! I have used the same Chanel foundation over the last 3 years. When my bottle was almost empty last week, I decided to get a new one. Guess what?! Out of selection. Ofcourse, I wasn't very happy with this, but after a lot of help from the lady in store, I found a new one which is staying in selection for a few years.
The lady at the Chanel corner knows my face now, and she always gives me some samples to try out new products. This time I got skin care. I hope it will help 'cause my face is a mess with the Dutch weather hanging around!


photos by me with Kodak EasyShare

Fragrance:    CK IN2U
Foundation:  CHANEL
Serums:        CHANEL

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