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As probably a lot af woman, I'm a huge fan of Chanel. Not only clothes, but also the make-up. I came in touch with Chanel when I was 16. At the perfume section of a beauty store, walking around, looking at all the nice smelling and looking products, when a woman came to me: 'Hi! Can I do your make up?'. And who says no to Chanel thán?!

She showed me some product and eversince I'm in love. *kgrrrrrrk* Wake up. My blusher was empty, so I decided to go for a new one, and this is it! The blush duo effect tweed - 30 tweed rose. It's not just a buy, I used the last blusher for 2 years so let's hope this one lasts that long!

photo by me with Kodak EasyShare

How do you like it?!


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