Food Diary

photos made by me with HTC

1. It was a cold, dark night, so I decided to get myself some 'pepernoten'(like gingerbread)
2. The opening of the new part of bar/restaurant/lounge/club Revolutie, the 'Arab Lounge', and that was celebrated with some Cointreaupolitans!
3. Mom her birthday!
4. A nice soup for lunch to celebrate the theory part of my drivers license at De Bank
5. Great food at my mothers birthday again.
6. Poffertjes, something I haven't been eating for a long time, they're like little pancakes, i like!

1 opmerking:

  1. Oooohhmy, ik wil ook pepernoten en poffertjes!
    Maar vooral poffertjes. Met poedersuiker. En boter. mjommjomjom.. ;)