Sale shopping..

Actually, I don't like sale shopping that much, everything in my size happens to be sold out pretty much everywhere and everybody is pushing and pulling and screaming and.. the waiting at the fitting rooms. Lucky bastards we are with webshops. So I was browsing around the web last night and saw the H&M sale for the first time(BLIND?!) and ofcourse, I couldn't stop myself from ordering some nice shirts and very nice sunnies!

I'm actually craving for shirts that make an outfit special, and I already tried this one last November at a H&M store and they were pretty nice, but I didn't think I needed them. Now I do(do I?). Anyway, it was love at first sight, nothing different to say about the sunnies, let the sunshine in pleeease!

All H&M sale

What dou you think about them? And what about sale shopping?!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wauuuw super leuuuk! Lekker shiiiiny en glamorous haha! :)

  2. sale shopping is always great - <3
    x the cookies