Have a fashionable 2012

So, after a good night of sleep(which was needed after New Years Eve), I'm ready to tell you about what's new and what my goals for this year are. They are pretty realistic, so I hope to make them happen.

First of all, I want to thank you for following me troughout 2011! I started to like writing and blogging more and more, and I still do! Because of the bad camera I have (since my amazing HTC with great camera broke), it was harder to make pictures. But I'm not going to let the camera take me down and will post more and more outfits. Anyway, because of the views and comments, I'm pushing myself to take pictures, and I will beg my mum to take a picture everyday.(I think my dad doesn't understand the blogging thing very much)

Now, on with the goals!

- Blog more! At the end of the year I'd like to be between 50/75 followers, do you think it will be reachable?!

- Save, save, save a LOT! (There's SO much I would like to buy this year.)

- Pass all my exams(starting on February 6)

- Eat a lot healthier (not easy in a house full of men, but I'll keep it up)

- Getting on Marbell her back a lot more!

- Starting at my next school, hopefully in Leeuwarden or Maastricht.

What do you think?! Have you got any (new) goals for 2012?

To show you what my 31st looked like;

My friends and my brothers friends came over to our place and we had a lot of food cause everybody had to bring something, this picture was taken just after midnight, and there are some more to come!

Have a great, save, happy, fashionable, inspirational year, and looooots of love!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Joeehoeee! :)
    Deze goals gaan vast helemaal goed komen, ik heb er vertrouwen in!
    En trouwens, ik vond de tuunte niet zo veel aan.... Jij dan?

  2. so nice photos!