Ladies(and gentlemen), I've got some BAD news. My lovely laptop has broken down..
It just gives no reaction to anything, yesterday, it did work but not really good, so I just watched some
movies on it. Tomorrow I'll take it to the computer doctor to reanimate it and hopefully I'll
get it back before the 6th of February so I can do my exams properly!

Anyhow, I'm now working on my brothers HP mini but it doesn't work that good, so here are some pictures of last weeks food to keep you posted a little.. (paint isn't workig here as well so I'll just put them online this way)

1. My friend Paulien and I were on our way to school, so what did we do? Tea time!
Boy, do I love my nailpolish(CHANEL S/S2011)

2. Not too bad being at hotel management school!
We had to make a lot of brownies

3. The ingredients

4. My brother and I both like toasted sandwiches, but my mom refused to buy a toaster...untill today!
This toasted sandwich is with dried ham, cheese, salsa and green pesto

5. A few weeks ago, it was my brothers birthday. I made the chocolat one with loads of sprinkles and the cuuuuutest candles!

6. An oldie! I didn't even show you the Christmas dinner I made(shame on me), anyhow, this is dessert!
Starting down under with coockies, than lemon curd, than creme fraiche, some blueberries and than repeat the whole thing. BEST.DESSERT.EVER. Thanks to Jamie Oliver for that!

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  1. Aiii wat shit zeg... Hopen dat ie snel weer werkt!
    En wel lekkere foto's hoor hihi, vooral de brownies en je kerst toetje zien er oooverheerlijk uit!