DIY: I 'Shell' tell you a secret...

About storing jewelry...

Years ago, when my aunt and uncle didn't have children for themselves, I used to sleep over, they were living in a much bigger city than the one me and my family lived in, so it was amazing for me! We did shopping all the time and had a lot of lunches and amazing dinners. Remember I was writing about that aunt with great cooking skills?! Well, she's the one!

Anyhow, after dinners, lunches, shopping and a night of sleep, I was mostly spoiled with a morning in the bath that had a great view on the city and the park but the only think I was looking at were the mirrors.

She made the mirrors herself, two big ones with tropical shells she found on all of her trips, such a great memory. I was obsessed with the mirrors, and when they moved to a bigger house..I GOT ONE OF THE MIRRORS!

Mirror and jewelry you think? Well, since the shells have all different shapes, sizes, points, curves and perfect placements, the shells are great to make them more usefull and pretty by hanging them with your bling! Mine mostly filled with my nacklaces, bracelets, long earrings and big rings. I think it's amazing because we all need(want) a mirror, we all love jewelry(most of us) and I think it's a great way to save room when you don't have a lot of space to store your jewelry or if you don't want a jewelry tree!

Now, it's pretty easy to make one yourself!
What do you need:
- Mirror
- Paint
- Shells
- Gluepistol

Get some paint in the colour of your choice and give the mirror the colour you like. When the mirror is dry, it's time to get the glue pistol. Make sure the shells stick to the mirror very good and do this untill you think the mirror is full enoug! Ofcourse you can do the same wit photoframes or other things you want to 'pimp' up!

And hey, pick a nice sunny day to collect the shells, maybe with your lover or a girlfriend to make it a nice day out!

What do you think about this?! How do you store your jewellry?!
A more detailed post about necklaces is coming soon!

Lots of love!

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  1. Wauw dit is zo gaaf! Echt prachtige schelpen, en super leuk stukje ook :)