Food diary!

After a week with a LOT of sleep, sport and rain, I also tried to eat healthier, which I did from the 2nd of January.. let's see what was on the menu!

1. This was my breakfast 3 times this week, it's something that fills very good and after this, I'm not hungry untill (late)lunch.

2. Well, what I said at 1 is not totally true, after 1,5 hour of fitness, I'm mostly craving for something to eat and I decided to bring something healthy with me!

3. This was the 30th of December, my friend and I went to Doetinchem where she wanted to buy an outfit for NYE and ofcourse, we had to eat something(I guess we danced enough to burn this all)

4. My friend Linda came by to have a drink

5. 1st of January, the Dutch tradition is to eat 'Oliebollen' at the first(and second and third...) of January, so we did!

6. A healthy milky drink with strawberry/cherry flavour to start the day, I like!

So, did you eat a lot during the change of years?! And do you have any resolutions that involve food for 2012? Tell me!

Lots of love!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oohhhh, weet je, ik heb helemaal geen oliebollen gegeten! Ik ben jaloers! Want ik heb ze echt gemist hihi :)
    Maar wat goed van je dat je weer zo gezond bezig bent!!!

  2. Love your blog! Check mine we could follow each other! xoxo from Rome


  3. Thanks for your comment! I started following you both on Bloglovin and GFC, hope you'll follow me back!! xoxo