Keep calm and..

have some food?!

Last monday my exams started and it is SO much more work than I thought! Sometimes I had to treat myself with a little(LOT) of chocolat or a nice sandwich..wanna see?!

 My dad is leaving his job soon, so there was a 'goodbye party' at our place and dad made some amazing treats. Can you see he's a chef?!

 When it was REALLY cold, my mum wanted to drop me of at the train station, but we were 15 minutes early. Luckily McDonalds is RIGHT next to the station, so we had a lovely coffee!

 After a loooong day at school I treated myself with a nice bath, and yes, those are chocolat eggs, a bit early, but the biggest guilty pleasure EVER! And than..the books, LOVE LETTERS I and LOVE LETTERS II, with love letters written by Napoleon and other famous men and woman!

 Bad photo, but anyway, this is what EVERY weekday night looks for me the next 4 weeks, how about my computer mouse?!

 Floor, my classmate, and me, were at school on a Saturday last week, in our break we went to Bagels&Beans and both had a sandwich with goats cheese, LOVE!

And on our way back they were spreading the new pringles at stations and in town centres, lucky day?!

My excuses for the lack of posting, tomorrow I'll try to take some outfit photo's!

Lots of love!

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  1. Oeeffph, die geitenkaas sandwich ziet er heeel lekker uit!!
    Succes met je tentamens!!