Last week..

This week, I was travelling a LOT for school, my exams start next Monday, and to get the last points, all my classmates and me were doing some workshops!

1. I organised a workshop with Daals Traiteurs/Daals Keurslager(Catering company) and at the end of the workshop, we got a little goodie bag with a little cook book, a very Dutch sausage: 'Rookworst' and a 'Boerke' which is a dried sausage with a special ingredient(one of my all time favourites!)

2. Today I went to school for nothing, the teacher I needed, wasn't at school, so I decided to buy myself a nice cup of tea(needed, it was -10 C.) to survive the trip home.

3. Working for cán be nice, we were treated with these sandwiches!

4. Very bad! I'm trying to watch my weight a bit, but I couldn't resist this fresh waffle..

5./6. My classmate bob also organised a workshop with wineseller Kroese in Epe.

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