Little List..

This time, a list with my favourite trends!

1. Skinny jeans!
I remember a Dutch artist on Idols sayin´ ´I would NEVER wear one of those ´carrot´ pants
1´. Well, I saw her last year and I bet she has about 20 in her closet. Anyhow I actually was with her at the time. But since I got a skinny jeans, I NEVER wanted something else and will never say some trend is ugly or that I would never wear it. You can find me in any colour or type. Coated, pink, black, with and without zippers, heels or sandals.. you name it!

2. Hats!
Again, 3 years ago I thought Í´d never buy a hat, but I looooove them now. I´m planning to buy a JOSH V hat next season!

3. Sequins
Totally in love. I was quite late on this one actually. First I thought they were a bit over the top, but now I wear my sequined shirt a LOT. A sequined dress, clutch and maybe a skirt or hotpants are on my list!

4. Skirts
Guess it´s not a trend, but still. Anyhow, something I also discovered just yet! Since my Topshop skirt I didn´t buy another, but now, I see SO MUCH nice ones that I really love, and I´m already thinking about which ones and combinating them..bad isn´t it

5. (biker)Boots
BIG like for them! I´m still saving a bit for the ZARA ones, the black ones with black studs. Rough, but detailed and wearable everyday. Since the dark green ones I can´t think of a better kind of shoe(apart from the high heel ofcourse) that´s better to combinate! Skirts, jeans, dresses, shorts, everything is possible!

What is your favourite trend?

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  1. Oeeee leuke post!!!
    Dat rokje is echt praaachtig!
    En ik zit er ook over na te denken om die biker boots te kopen, ze zijn echt super! Maarrr misschien niet helemaal mijn ding ;)